Refilling Laser Toner Cartridges

  €dstow 14:56 08 Apr 2003

For anyone thinkig about or wavering about refilling their laser cartridges, click here


  Lone Crow 01:20 09 Apr 2003

Thanks €dstow, I'd already decided to try it off my own back for my HP6L and bought a bottle of toner in readiness. The link you've provided has simply confirmed what logic already told me and put my mind at rest. Good on ya! LC.

  Goldcroft 08:24 09 Apr 2003

Have put the toner refill site under my favourites. Still remember your advice, Ed, about getting a laser B/W printer (now they are cheap) plus a colour inkjet printer if people wanted to cut down their printing costs. Let's face it, most of our everyday printing is probably B/W. Refilling makes it even cheaper and when my current inkjet bites the dust will follow that earlier advice.

  €dstow 09:21 09 Apr 2003

A little rider to your post "most of our everyday printing is probably B/W"

Even if it's in colour, most of the time it need not be. How many times has anyone printed out a web page or even part of one in glorious full colour when what you actually want is a small piece of text from it whose colour doesn't matter one jot! I know i used to but that was before I paid for my own ink!!


  Chris the Ancient 16:36 09 Apr 2003

...on this topic.

In days of yore, they always used to recommend NOT trying to DIY with toner cartridges because the toner is *extremely* carcinogenic. Has this changed?

My toner cartridge (separate from the drum)is refilled for me by Cartridge World - phone 0800 18 33 800 for your nearest agent - cheaper than a refill from With all sorts of guarantees as well!

  €dstow 18:39 09 Apr 2003

There are comments about carcinogenicity with the toner pack.

There is little or no evidence for this.

I know myself that the major ingredient (99+%) is carbon black which is an approved food colorant.

Regarding costs, I can only comment on the price for my Samsungs which is £15·69 - less than half the cheapest price for a new cartridge and cheaper than the £24 or so swap out cartridge from Cartridge World.


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