Refill HP LaserJet P2055d ? Who has done this?

  Diemmess 18:11 08 Oct 2010

My faithful laser signalled 'Order Toner' but is still working well.

Ink refilling was messy enough and toner powder from photocopier days has the power to substitute for "Nigger Minstrel" makeup.

Browsing around I found - click here
This poses several questions (not in order of importance) but I would particularly welcome comment from anyone who has done this?

I'm fairly sure I can make the hole the HP needs and later seal it.

Is the procedure reliable, the toner quality up to scratch and worth the effort?

  wiz-king 20:57 08 Oct 2010

I have refilled my Brother toner cartridges several times with complete success. A little preparation is needed, find a vice or some form of clamp to hold the cartridge in the correct orientation - or else grow another hand and arm!Make sure the funnel you tip the toner down is a very loose fit in the hole so that the air can get out without coming back up the funnel and blowing toner dust everywhere. Use the plastic gloves that are usually supplied and stand upwind.*grin*

  jaraba 23:10 08 Oct 2010

Just in case.
When I had a copier I had special cloths for cleaning up toner spills when changing toners.
They were very good. Toner stuck to them.

"Toner Removing Wipes" by Fellows (99772)

  spuds 23:24 08 Oct 2010

Just give the cartridge a bit of a 'gentle' shake, and see if that removes the message. Be prepared for any dust fall-out, that might occur.

The above seems to help with my Canon photocopier and Samsung laser.

  Diemmess 09:34 09 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice.

I am trying to think my way through the proceedure, because this HP cartridge requires me to melt a hole in the cartridge.

From my link I suppose it is asking too much to expect the kit to be a refill as well as an electric hole melter?

If that is the case - fine, but if not, it more than doubles the cost and a refill of toner lasts me 2-3 yrs.
I could of course use a piece of heated metal tubing of a suitable diameter, but that might be too exciting!

  jack 10:45 09 Oct 2010

It came with the burner and a bottle of black toner [At the time they were not offering colour - now they do]
I found how ever that with the Samsung Cart- I did not need to burn.
At the side of the cart was a cover which covered the orig fill plug which pulled out with long nosed pliers.
A search for similar with your HP may reveal the same- it has after all to get in there after the card is made complete - no other way.

With by current DELL[whitch is I understand a re-badged other make possibly Lexmark- the cart is in two pieces simply taped together- simple job when the times cones- as the machine was supplied with 2 sets of carts- and original set is only just now showing signs of depletion on the graph after a year of use.a refill operation is a long way off - I hope.

  spuds 13:45 09 Oct 2010

As jack suggests, look for an existing plug hole (some are resealed).

When I have made holes in cartridges, it as been via a flat type cheap wood drill with grease on it (at slow speed so it doesn't push through suddenly), or something like an obsolete apple corer or copper pipe over the gas ring. Prefer number one method because its cleaner and simpler. Closing the hole, either by strong sticky tape or rubber bung from car/diy accessory shop (space permitting).

  Diemmess 09:46 11 Oct 2010

Thanks everyone for friendly encouragement.
U Refill Toner Ltd is the name of the firm from my link in the opening post.

Their offer of toner and hole maker they say includes specific instructions for the P2055 @ £17.50 + postage and VAT.

There may well be other firms, but it looks like my search is over. I ordered one kit this morning from a pleasant lady with a friendly Brummie accent.

  jack 10:31 11 Oct 2010

Which is a modified soldering iron with a circular copper heat piece, I gave away [having found the filler plug ] to a friend into handcrafts- she finds is most useful by all accounts

  Diemmess 11:43 12 Oct 2010

Arrived overnight.
Very good value with every sort of need catered for, including details like disposable gloves and a mask!

Plenty of printed instructions and a recognisable place for the vital spot to pierce.
(On this one there really is need for a hole and the iron is there to do the job)

  spuds 12:54 12 Oct 2010

As it is your first attempt, may I suggest that you do the refill procedure out in the garden shed ;o))

You may also need to join the Chimney Sweeps Union. That powder can get everywhere!.

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