Recurring failure in HP DV9000 laptop

  Gra76 14:13 26 Mar 2009

Hello all, I'll cut straight to the point or I'll run over the 4,500 word limit.

1) I bought a HP Pavillion DV9000 laptop from PC World on 31st January 2007. I took out the "Coverplan" option offered with it and pay this monthly.

2) It fails regularly (it is currently away for repair for the 6th or 7th time, I'm losing count) and the failure is always the same. It has been known for the laptop to fail within 24hrs of getting it back from repair, however The longest it has lasted is 6 months.

3) HP issued an extended warranty (1 year) for certain affected laptops, of which mine was on the list of covered machines and so have acknowledged the problem on their website. I can supply a link if necessary.

4) The failure is related to the NVidia GPU (It has an NVidia Geforce Go 7600 chip). I'm no expert on these matters but on HP's website there's are hundreds of people saying the same thing. The failure is on startup, blank screen accompanied by one longer beep and two short ones.

5) The laptop has always been repaired by "Teleplan" in Colchester through the "Coverplan" agreement. The one exception to this is the last repair which was done by HP themselves when I found out about their exended warranty last year.

6) The "fix" has always been to fit a new motherboard as the graphics chipset is onboard.

7) The laptop is always away for repair for between 4 and 6 weeks. Mostly it's the later. I estimate I've been without my laptop now for approx 8 to 10 months of the 25 months I've owned it and every time it comes back the HDD is wiped clean which is inconvenient.

So, having spoken to Consumer Direct they tell me I should be chasing PC World under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as the laptop was faulty when sold and also not fit for the purpose. They also said I should point out to them that none of the repairs have been long lasting or effective.

As stated I bought the laptop in Jan 2007. Isn't it a bit late to be chasing the Seller for a refund/replacement?

If not then does anyone know where I write to or call? Thanks in advance.

  curofone 16:09 26 Mar 2009

No it is not too late to be chasing the seller, under the sales of good act you have up to 6 years (5 in scotland) to make a claim and plus if you still have the coverplan with pcworld then you can get it replaced under the term of that.

to be honest i really do not think that pcworld/coverplan will have a problem in replacing this one for you, if what you are saying is true that this is the 6th or 7th time it has been sent away then i think that it will be very easy for you to argue that the machine is not fit for purpose, especially knowing that there is know issue with some hp's and nvidia chips (assuming yours is one of them)

I think where the problem might lie in your case is that everytime it fails your ring the repaire call centre (in nottingham) and arrange for it to be repaired and i thinkt he best option for you is to call the customer serive call centre in sheffield and explain the situation, i think the producedure is that they then arrange for it to be picked up once more, taken to there service centre in mansfield, it then gets assessed and writen off, and you are sent vouchers (may be sent electronically to your local store) to buy and equivalent brand and spec machine, i could be sligtly wrong on this procedure.

sorry i dont know the number for she sheffield call centre.

  Gra76 16:51 26 Mar 2009

Thanks for the reply Curofone. I did some googling and found an email address for the customer service center at Sheffield and have now emailed them to put my case to them, it seemed easier than sending a letter. I used a template I found on the Consumer Direct website and have tried to keep it fairly brief and to the point.

I also do not see how there can be any problem replacing the laptop, although I'm always sceptical having had issues with other companies customer service reps before. The

The laptop was definately on the list of affected laptops issued by HP. I'm just surprised and rather annoyed that the fault keeps re-occuring.

Regarding the coverplan arrangement, everytime it goes in for repair they always tell me they have to be given the chance to repair it and that if they can't fix it within 6 weeks I can invoke a 6 week rule which means they will have to replace it with a similar model or send vouchers equivalent to the value of the laptop, which nowadays clearly won't be anywhere like what I paid, I'm well aware of that and would expect around £400-£500 in vouchers to arrive. Ironically it nearly always arrives just short of the 6 week period.

I've asked them to reply within 14 days so hopefully I will hear from them soon.

  Gra76 11:54 27 Mar 2009

Well, at least they are pretty quick replying. I got a rather frustrating phonecall this morning to say they only have a note of 4 repairs on their system which I know isn't true.

The problem being on previous repairs I haven't written down any dates which with hindsight might have been a good idea so I could prove this.

It was away at 5 weeks old, again not too long after that and when it was returned it died straight away so then was sent off again, that's three already. It was also sent off to HP last year so that's 4 and it's there again now which is 5. I'm absolutely positive it's been away at least one more time inbetween as well but as I said I don't have any dates written down.

Now what they have said is that they will only write off the laptop if it has suffered the same fault 3 times. They are telling me (and this is what I find the most annoying) that the laptop didn't have the same fault three times. I know this isn't true as it's been the same fault and the same fix every time. They have the graphics chip listed as the fault on two ocassions, the screen listed as one and the wireless listed as one.

The chap I spoke to says he doesn't want to go down the Sale of Goods Act route because (he says) I will have to provide my own independent report on the laptop issued through a specialist engineer which I will have to pay for. I find this hard to believe.

What he is saying is that I should wait until 6 weeks has passed this time and then try to write it off.

  curofone 17:18 27 Mar 2009

to be honest i am not entiley sure that you will have to get an engineers report on this machine as it will known that certain hp machines have this manufactures defectnand then if you can get hp to admit that your machine is one of the machines that has this defect than you can argue that the machine was not fit for purpose when you brought it.

also if you are sure that the machine has gone for repair more than pcworld are claiming then what you could always do is call teleplan themseleves nwho should have records of your machine being repaired, although if you call teleplan then you should be prepared to be on hold for a while as last time i checked there "call centre" had 2 members of staff lol.

Oh and lastly you can write to pcworld/dsgi/techguys (i believe it will be the sheffield address) and request copies of all the call notes that have been made when you have rang up. I know this is all alot of effort but if you want your machine writing off than that would be my advise.

  oresome 19:21 27 Mar 2009

I'd question the logic employed.

If the machine has the same fault three times it's written off.

If every part in the machine fails twice, leaving it at the repairers longer than with you, then it's deemed to be OK.

That can't be right.

The fact that it has failed so frequently for whatever reason surely makes it unfit for purpose.

  Gra76 13:23 02 Apr 2009

Well having had a good long think about what my options are in this whole rediculous situation I'm giving them until the 11th April to have the laptop returned in full working order. If this doesn't happen I'll make damned sure that I'm on the phone the very second that the 6 weeks are up to have it written off, and 11th April is that date. 9 more days to wait. I almost guarantee it's returned in 8 days. This seems to be the case every time they've had it. It always seems to arrive at the last moment. If it does arrive at the last moment again I'll be most disappointed. I've no doubt it will fail once again if they do get it back to me in time. It's only a matter of time. I shall be making sure it's written off if it does though, and it'll be the last time I take out any type of 'coverplan' agreement as they seem to be worth less than the paper they are written on in terms of customer satisfaction.

Following the Sale of Goods Act seems like a good idea but they make it as inconvenient as possible from my experience with them so far.

  Gra76 14:46 22 Apr 2009

Hmmmm, well here's a final update on the whole sorry issue.

My laptop arrived back from repair on the 14th April. I'd already emailed PC World to tell them that the 6 weeks had passed (I did that late on the 11th April when the 6 week period expired).

I was told to get in touch with The Tech Guys again and to tell them what had happened, which I did. To my surprise there wasn't any arguement at all in terms of having it written off. They agreed to it straight away and I'm now waiting on a phonecall from their couriers to arrange collection.

They said I would be contacted within far it's 48hrs since then, and I'll be calling them this afternoon to make sure they contact me soon.

Either way, after fighting my corner for a couple of years to try and get this cursed laptop replaced, in the end it's getting done because they didn't get it back to me in time. Not because it's a worthless piece of electronics that would be better used as a doorstop. Their own terms stitched them up in the end, and I suspect this was only because of the bank holidays on the Friday and Monday making it impossible to get it back to me in time.

Well, at least it's done with now! Goodbye laptop, I'll not treasure any memories. On to the next laptop (when I get the vouchers they promised me) in the hope that it's a little more reliable!

  JayBlake 18:50 18 Feb 2010


Got same problem (seems like there are thousands of us with the same problem). It's a manufacturing/design fault (NVidea graphics card, apparently) that has been openly acknowledged to be such by HP. Yet HP will not repair as they say it's out of warranty period, even though problem existed at time of sale and simply lay dormant until now (cost new was well over £1k and I'm expected to just dump it and buy new). Quoted the Sale of Goods Act 1979; Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994; The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002, which clearly state that a manufacturing/design fault is covered for 6 years - regardless of manufacturers' stated warranty periods.They said such only applies to the reseller (not the manufacturer). So, by that reasoning, if I get salmonella poisoning from a restaurant, my only recourse is with the restaurant - not the chicken farm where the salmonella originated or if someone dies because of Toyota's Brake/Steering problems, it is the dealer that is up in court??? I think not, somehow.

Anyone got any advice for a poor student sitting his A-levels?


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