Recovery Disk ?

  oresome 18:11 01 Oct 2006

A quick query.

My daughter is buying a new PC and I advised her to make sure she gets a recovery disk.

She has bought a PC on this understanding and thankfully had it written on the receipt that it included a recovery disk. We now find that there is no recovery disk in the box.

The store told her PC's stopped being shipped with such disks a few months ago on all except the one they sold her (and it seems this doesn't have one either!}

Like to get my facts right before I take it back tomorrow.

  Dizzy Bob 18:33 01 Oct 2006

Almost all retail boxed PC's do not come with a recovery disc, but give you the option to burn your own.

This is normally either by a prompt box that pops up just after you have set the machine up (been through the windows setup), or the option is normally contained in system tools --> system recovery --> create recovery discs.

What make/model is the PC?


  oresome 19:01 01 Oct 2006

Thanks Dizzy Bob,

Ei System Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz from Currys.

Will this recovery disk contain all the information I would have expected to be supplied?

Easily solved if yes.

  Dizzy Bob 19:11 01 Oct 2006

support page here
click here={9c1245be-af06-44da-95de-88615e55d633}&ID={9dcc8655-e092-4279-a19b-12856ac192c8}

Yes the disc will contain everything you need to reinstall windows and specific drivers either in the event of a hdd failure, new hdd install, or other issue.

I will check the specific method of creating the discs at work tomorrow if you do not post to say you have done it.



  Dizzy Bob 19:13 01 Oct 2006

Sorry oresome, the link does not seem to work :-(

click here

then 'computing --> desktops --> eisystem --> 303

i think this is the model you have.


  terryf 20:54 01 Oct 2006

Be aware that the recovery disk may only restore the machine to the state that it was when you first unpacked it, I suggest looking at something like Acronis True Image and perhaps an external usb HD to back up

  oresome 21:40 01 Oct 2006

Thanks guys,

Followed the instructions and we now have a recovery DVD.

  Dizzy Bob 22:20 01 Oct 2006

Well done

time for a tick?


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