Recover My Files - activation?

  kainos 14:21 13 Nov 2007

I have downloaded Recover My Files (trial version) from this month's DVD but cannot see how to activate it. It runs through the deleted files that it has found on the HD but then calls for User Name and Licence Key before it will do anthing more.
I have looked in the magazine and in FAQs on this site but cannot find any reference. Can anyone help please?

  Diemmess 16:14 13 Nov 2007

Perhaps it follows the rule of Trial programs......

"This is what you can do, but we won't let you do anything useful until you have paid us and activated your nice new application!"

  kainos 16:19 13 Nov 2007

You old cynic Diemmess, PCA would not be party to such a thing - would they?
Perhaps FE can put us straight on this.

  anchor 16:37 13 Nov 2007

From the Recover My Files website:

click here

"The version of Recover My Files that is downloaded from our website is fully functional. It will allow you to preview the contents of the files that it has recovered from your computer. However, you must purchase a product activation key before you can save your files".

My guess is that the version on the DVD is the same as the trial version that can be downloaded directly from their site.

It seems that Diemmess`s cynicism is certainly well founded. In order for it to do anything useful it will cost you $69.95.

Personally I would try some of the freebies available before paying about $60.

click here

  anchor 16:40 13 Nov 2007

I should have said "about $70", which comes to around £33.80.

  kainos 16:59 13 Nov 2007

Thank you anchor and Diemess it appears that you are right (I had seen the website) but find it hard to credit that PCA would load such a thing on to the cover disc, at least without advising that, whereas it will show recoverable files, the process of recovery will cost c£34.

I'll leave this thread open for a while to see if PCA want to respond.

  Diemmess 17:43 13 Nov 2007

Cynic - not really I hope .
Sceptic - Yes

PCA and many other magazines have to find something to fill the contract of cover software, and it's a cut-throat world out there.

For anyone with practical interest and new to PC's, it is fascinating to try some of these things out.

It is soon realised that most of the disk is harmless junk.

Not all though, and it is a theme which appears in this forum from time to time.

Two memorable ones for me over the years were a Floppy disk of an upgrade MSDOS v.6 to MSDOS 6.2, .....It made better use of Windows 3.1.1 !


When I suddenly and without experience had responsibility for a website dumped on me...
NetObjectsFusion v.8 came free in full working order, when a member of PCA forum pointed its source magazine out to me in the nick of time.

I have to admit, that once I found this superb site I discontinued a sub to two other magazines and have only very occasionally bought any computer mags since.

  RickyC :-) 10:20 14 Nov 2007

Hi all,
as kainos correctly points out in his initial posting, this is a trial version of RecoverMyFiles. Some trial applications will give you full-functionality for a limited period, others will be limited in terms of their features. In the case of RecoverMyFiles, the latter is true.
GetData, the developer which provided the trial, also gave PC Advisor readers a full free version of one of their applicaitons - ExplorerView 4.0. In return for them providing our readers with the full application, we agreed to allow them to include the trials of a couple of their other applications.
GetData have kindly set up a special offer for PC Advisor readers, so if you like the idea of either RecoverMyFiles or RecoverMyEmail, you can purchase the full version for 25% less than the usual price if you click here.

As to whether PC Advisor would "be party to such a thing" as to offer readers the opportunity to try out software they may be interested in - I make no apologies for that - we've been doing this since cover discs were first included with computer magazines.

Cover Disc Editor

  kainos 13:04 14 Nov 2007

Thank you CD Editor for your response. In my, admittedly limited, experience it is customary to indicate that a trial version has limitations, and what those are. In the case of RecoverMyFiles the limitations are that the program cannot even be tried.
The purpose of the program is to Recover, not merely to show those files that may be recoverable and as such this 'trial' is no such thing.
I hope this goes some way to illustrate why I am surprised that a magazine with the reputation of PCA will "be party to" such an arrangement without giving appropriate notice to its readers.

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