recommending a new pc

  Kingfisher 08:51 16 Aug 2007

Some friends are asking me to recommend a new pc spec for them, whilst I am ok on most aspects i.e. ram, hard disk size, sound card, rewriters etc etc. I am concerned about trying to recommend a pc with as much future proofing as I can.
These friends are completely new to pc's I do not believe they will be avid gamers, just the run of the mill stuff including photos and possible videos.
I cant decide to recommend duo core or Quad core processors, Am thinking about a Dell machine, what do you think Duo or Quad

  hereford456 17:00 16 Aug 2007

Nothing to do with PC's is ever 'future proof' sadly.
Quad CPU's are new and the 'in thing' to have.
How much is the budget for this new pc?

  GaT7 17:44 16 Aug 2007

If it's just the 'run of the mill stuff', I'd say definitely a DUAL core would be more than enough.

No need to spend too much either - even a C2D E2140 or AMD 3800+ will do (but avoid Celeron/Sempron). Dell usually represent the best value for money - a site that has links to 'discounted' Dells click here. In addition get 5% cashback (on price excl VAT) from Quidco click here. They need to be registered first though click here.

'with as much future proofing as I can' - as you probably know, & hereford456 rightly pointed out, there's almost no such thing. In a few years when QUAD core & 64-bit computing becomes mainstream they may be ready for their next PC anyway, which by then will be even more affordable.

As they'll be saving on the rest of the spec, may
I suggest a good quality 22" monitor for the photos & videos. The Dell wide 22" E228WFP that they offer with some of their systems even as an upgrade (an example click here) is an excellent choice - reviews click here & click here. Don't get it separately though as the price is prohibitive - £230. G

P.S. Note that with some Dells the support option is not reduced to '1 Year Base Warranty - Collect & Return' by default, so they'll have to manually make this change in the spec for best value if desired.

  BioBob 01:40 17 Aug 2007

Kingfisher, I suppose it really depends on how much they are willing to spend. Everyone has heard of Dell so it wont surprise them if you suggest them and if it all goes awry, they'll hardly turn round and have a go at you.

Alternatively you can e-mail a PC company, click here or similar and ask their views. Its what we do all the time at work - and it often opens up other possibilities.

  Kingfisher 13:38 17 Aug 2007

thankyou for all your replies to hereford456, I am not yet sure of their budget so will do a couple of specs for them say an intermediate pc and a high end pc explaining the difference and then let them decide, once again thanks to all for the advice, will tick as resolved

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