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  its fried 15:50 06 Jan 2003
  its fried 15:50 06 Jan 2003

well i narrowed my new pc down too mesh or carrera but 10 mins searchin on here and both companies are getting the sh*t ripped out of them. who is any good then??

  richfire2000 17:11 06 Jan 2003


  Sir Radfordin™ 17:29 06 Jan 2003

10 mins searching and you have ruled out two good companies. Carrera seem to be in for a grilling at the moment but nothing seems to have been said about Mesh for a while. I would recommend you still consider them.

Go for a good local independent store if you have one nearby.

  its fried 19:50 06 Jan 2003

the default search threw up about five negative topics for each, of the two carrera was favourite cause of the on site warranty. my local shop offered me a great deal....not. they are more interested in selling internet access pc's to newbuys. else its pc world but i want a enthusiast pc , not a design project. thx for the multivision tip, i will take a peek

  robbins2074 19:50 06 Jan 2003

Why don't you home build?

True when you home build you don't get all the fancy software packages but I never would use them.

But at least with a home build if something goes wrong you only have to have 1 part replaced and you know exactly what is in and you can upgrade the computer anytime with out asking for permission from the company that sold you the machine.


  its fried 20:32 06 Jan 2003

normally i would but i want to give my existing system to my son and when i started looking at the whole deal, monitor, case, guts an all, a package seems the best way to go, especially with the spec £1000 can buy at the moment i dont think i could get close with home build could i ???

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 21:00 06 Jan 2003

Especially if you have the confidence to buy from a comp fair or similar. I would never buy a packaged one again: all that OEM S**T inside - you ain't got a cue as to exactly what is inside and if it is oEM then future upgrades are made much harder or impossible.

Believe me dude, if you have the chance to build your own - go forth and build - it's not exactly that hard is it really?

Good advice too "robbins2074", as u don't have to send the entire comp off to get a fauly drive replaced for example. LOL.

Oh and if you want an enthusiast Pc try these: click here
Alienware (UK branches now!) click here

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 21:03 06 Jan 2003

about building your own.

Install all the apps u want and not what xxxx wants. OEM machines suck dude. Build It. I priced up a computer from £1000 comp from three large well known supllier in a computer fair and could have built all of them a good £200 cheaper.

Anyways, think of the sense of achievment & satisfaction when you first boot up self built rig.

  its fried 21:19 06 Jan 2003

thing is comp fairs are few & far down here (devon) so once home i,m stuffed. Iv'e done home builds before & found lots of bargins that are actually graded goods floating about on ebay or micromart etc. true you save a couple of hundred but when you take into account the hidden stuff like opp systems etc the gap reduces.
I do appeciate your advice though and i will check on it.

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