Recommendation for ADSL line

  siliconbits 00:27 17 Jun 2004

I am searching a 1mb BB line for my use. I do not live in a cable-enabled region and I would like to escape any setup fee and get the free modem if possible. The cheapest 1Mb that I have got is AOL at £359.88 per year all inclusive.
Bulldog offers a primetime package at £ 275.88 but it is limited and when you add in the 1 year connection, it is only £25 short of AOL.
E7even has a package at £320 but you have to pay everything in a go.
Does anyone of you know of a better package?

  acfc 07:04 17 Jun 2004

Try click here

I've always been very satisfied with Pipex.

  OhBeardedOne 07:38 17 Jun 2004

I've always been happy with AOL but many people do not like the intrusive nature of the software.

  rogertjj 09:07 17 Jun 2004
  byfordr 09:14 17 Jun 2004

click here short 3 month contract, excellent customer services, £27.50 1mb, £37.50 2mb
click here various deals inc 512kb line during the day 1mb/2mb/4mb at night

Not heard too many bad things about pipex or zen.

click here for round up


  ste_bla 10:14 17 Jun 2004


No contract, no activiation fee (@ mo), 24.99/month, no d/load limit

click here

  siliconbits 16:48 17 Jun 2004

Any other? As I told previously, I would not like to pay the £50 connexion fees. Which they all do except Virgin

  harps1h 23:03 17 Jun 2004

check the pipex site. the solo 500 has no set up fee and a free modem. you only pay for connection if you cancel the contract in the first year.
i have it from last october and never yet had a dropped connection.

  harps1h 23:04 17 Jun 2004

ps £23.44/month. good value!

  pmjd 10:19 18 Jun 2004

Freedom2surf have just lowered there prices by quite a bit, £14.99 for 1Mbit, 1GB download cap but unmetered between 1 am & 6 am. Are stuck with the activation fee and get your own modem but at least you can get what you want rather than a crappy free USB modem.

Frredom2surf's comparison page
click here

Cheap ethernet modem
click here

This place click here is a good place to find out how good various providers are.


  pj123 15:06 19 Jun 2004

Another site click here

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