Recommend a good firm for new laptop

  SteveWH 15:40 20 Aug 2007

Hi, I need to replace my 4 year old Evesham laptop. I have only used Evesham for years and really don't know where to go for the same service, good build quality, support and warranty.

What firm offers the same kind of service?

  hereford456 17:22 20 Aug 2007

Toshiba - 1st class customer service & support.
Bought mine in Feb and use it every day.
You can buy direct from them click here i bought from them directly, got £120 discount.

  malgall 15:37 21 Aug 2007

brought a computer from dell the customer service
has been great
if you are buying a laptop good after sales service is important
you can also choose the length of warrenty

  CeltiKaos 19:29 21 Aug 2007

Acer or HP/Compaq - great quality for a superb price, and after sales service is excellent.

Absolutely *NOT* a Sony - Overpriced - you pay for the name not the equipment, and their after sales so-called service is - not to put too fine a point on it - disgusting.

I worked 6.5 years in ISP Tech Support, 5 as a Senior Technician, decided I wanted Windows 2000 on my Vaio to replace Win ME, so I downloaded all the drivers for my *exact* model from Sony's own website. The modem driver consistently blue-screened the system and killed it.

Despite telling their technical support the *exact* nature of the problem and informing them of my profession they repeatedly informed me I didn't know how to install a modem, and was I sure I had the right driver.

In the end I rang them and to rub salt into my wounds I was told they DID have an installation CD for my laptop for Windows 2000 but would NOT supply it unless with a new CD.

I will never buy a Sony PC again.

(should you think this is an isolated case a friend in America had the same with a Vaio desktop so it seems company wide).

Rule of thumb - don't buy a computer from a company whose core business is something else!

Kind regards,


  CeltiKaos 19:31 21 Aug 2007

Oops.. I meant 'with a new PC' not new CD :)

  Kaacee 20:12 21 Aug 2007

Agree with malgall....Dell very good product and service if needed

  Stuartli 20:16 21 Aug 2007

Just had an e-mail newsletter about this Toshiba offer:

click here

£350 after cash back offer.

As hereford456 says, Toshiba laptops are excellent quality - used to have a three year warranty at one time.

  Totally-braindead 20:18 21 Aug 2007

Mates have Toshibas and they use them for business, very solid, well built units.

  SteveWH 22:36 22 Aug 2007

Thanks for the feedback :-)

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