Recommend a DVD recorder + HDD

  Boghound 11:17 10 Jul 2010

Anyone recommend a DVD recorder + HDD? I've a Philips DVDR 3465H at the moment but it's on the way out and Philips stopped making DVDrecorders with HDD in 08'....I've been looking at a Panasonic DMR-EX83

  The Kestrel 14:50 10 Jul 2010

I haven't a DVD recorder + HDD any longer and now have a Humax PVR with 320Gb HDD click here and a cheap Philips DVD player for when I hire a film at the weekend. As I now do all my TV recording onto the HDD, I find I no longer need to be able to record onto DVDs. The Humax is an excellent machine easy to set up and record from, using the programme guide, so no codes are required for each TV programme.

  hastelloy 10:51 11 Jul 2010

I'm with The Kestrel. I've never tried it but, if you really want to put something on DVD, you should be able to record from a PVR. Don't know about HD though.

  john bunyan 11:03 11 Jul 2010

I have an earlier Panasonic and it is excellent. IMHO the best brand for what you want.I like the fact you can, occasionally, keep a programme on DVD, even editing out the adverts, to watch elsewhere or keep for longer than you would on the HD.

  Boghound 11:29 11 Jul 2010

Thanks for advice but I used the term "DVD recorder" as a catch all as I don't record to DVD...I'm more interested in recording to HDD/Time shift and playing DVD's, some with avi's....The latest machines also seem to have Freenet/TNT...The suggestion from Kestrel, whilst interesting, means more boxes and controls.

  john bunyan 12:13 11 Jul 2010

I use my Panasonic for time shift on to the inbuilt HD etc as you want, also watch DVD's. Occasionally I edit a TV recording, edit it and burn to DVD. Unless you want to wait or pay up for one that will receive HD , the model you are considering looks fine.

  Boghound 12:53 11 Jul 2010

@ John Bunyan

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