Recommend a DVD burner

  Dave911 07:32 27 Apr 2004

I am shortly considering buying a DVD Burner and would like some advice on one of the better ones to buy (not too expensive). I would want it to work on a Panasonic DMRHS2 DVD recorder/player which records on DVD RAM, although says it support DVD-R.
Do you have any suggestions, one consideration I would like something that burns at 8x at least.



  TomJerry 09:15 27 Apr 2004

£59.89 click here

Alternatively, Pioneer DVR-107. £69.75.

Both are dual format +- and 8x

Or hold it for a couple of months to get a dual layer burner, burn on dvd on two layers, so each dvd holds 8.5Gb.

  TomJerry 09:21 27 Apr 2004

If you want it to use RAM discs in addition to +- discs, the only choice is LG GSA-4081B £61.66 click here. LG drive is the only one which could handle triple standard, +-R/RW and RAM, +R (8x) -R(4x), RAM (x3).

Another +-8x driver (not ram) Sony DWU-18A click here

  Infamous 09:47 27 Apr 2004

I have recently bought the Pioneer 107 great burner only burnt a few dvds at the moment none have failed. 1 problem to find the 8 x media to burn at its full potential there are places online that sell them.


  ened 17:24 27 Apr 2004

I have just installed LG 4082B and experienced some teething problems. Their support is naff!!!

  TomJerry 17:39 27 Apr 2004

sorry to here you have difficult with 4082b.

4081b has good user review click here,

but 4082's user reviews are not good click here.

My point is LG drivers are only option is RAM support is needed in addition to +- format.

  ened 17:48 27 Apr 2004

That was why I went for LG as I also have Panasonic DVD recorder with Hard Drive.
I went for 4082 using the theory that later models will be an improvement.
I will now go and be disappointed by reading your links.

  Dave911 18:32 27 Apr 2004

Guys thanks for your response looks very promising, however, I like you Ened would have thought the better model of the LG would have been better, what has been the problem. I am currently running on XP with a Athalon 1800 XP processor 500 meg of ram is it something to do with your PC, not being fast enough - they like something out of star trek these days or what.
Let me know.

  €dstowe 18:38 27 Apr 2004

We have NEC 1300A and NEC2500A burners. Both are fine and do what they are supposed to. We've burned several hundred disks now and had one coaster - and that was my own fault, not the burner.

One point about 8x media - expensive at the moment as well as being in short supply but, are you that bothered about writing at 8x? Processing to get data in a state suitable for DVD takes such a long time that the actual time doing the writing is tiny and, as far as I'm concerned, not of much importance.


  g0nvs 19:17 27 Apr 2004

Bought a Pioneer 107 a few weeks ago, no problems at all, works perfectly.

  961 19:25 27 Apr 2004

Having had a Toshiba top of the range DVD player wired up to my TV for a couple of years, and knowing the problems some folk had in getting the player to read the disks their computer made I spent loads of time at click here where there is a list of burners and players and how they all react with each other.

The thing that bugged me was that the Toshiba player required an update to its software (firmware) which was readily available but at the end of last year Toshiba stopped making it available to those that complained that their players would not play their discs from their computers

So, to cut a long story short I bought a Pioneer DVR106 burner for the computer as being the one that seemed to be compatible with most of the players around.

I then went on to junk the £400 Toshiba player and bought a Philips DVD625 player from Argos for £69.99.

They work fine together and the player is fabulous with commercial dvd's, 5.1 surround sound as well as playing my own DVD movies AND cd movies, audio cd's and all the rest

As for the behaviour of Toshiba, well the FE will be on to me if I say how I feel I have been treated. I cannot understand why a company like that seems to feel it can ignore customers, totally ignoring the e-mail requests I sent, hoping, presumeably, that I will just happily buy a new machine, when the existing one works fine and will continue to do so if they enable their customers to access the latest upgrades to the software.

Even Microsoft provide that support

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