Recomended budget pc ?

  seventy 14:04 31 May 2004

With a budget of around £700 I need a system that is competant with office related programmes,printing and internet usage aswell as performing well with illustrator,photoshop as I'm looking to develope computer based art skills to compliment my current old fashioned ones.
Apart from cm manager perhaps, game playing is not much of a consideration in this purchase,I've had a look at the Evesham Axis 2800 but there seems such a wide choice out there that being fairly pc ignorant I don't know what to look for.Help!any suggestions ?

  961 16:29 31 May 2004

Try Dell website. A computer can be had for less than the figure you propose but the difficulty is going to be the cost of the software you require

  one23 17:26 31 May 2004

Take a look at click here

Big range , competitive prices and very good specs.

  pj123 17:37 31 May 2004

And checkout both of these click here and click here

  smoothcue 21:33 31 May 2004

Nice range here click here out the CB 2800 VS

  smoothcue 21:35 31 May 2004

Oops,this one. click here

  Charence 21:42 31 May 2004

click here


  seventy 21:12 03 Jun 2004

Cheers to all for responses,I've not nearly decided yet but feel I'm on the right track with the smaller choose your own components type suppliers rather than the more obviously advertised packages.
On a different subject,does anybody recommend getting a graphics tablet for my drawing,do they represent your actions/mark making faithfully ?

  Kalitechnis 22:24 03 Jun 2004

I too, am migrating from painting/drawing to computer graphics. (Not giving up painting totally, though!

Yes, definitely you really need a tablet. I wouldn't be without one now. Every action needing delicacy, from extracting, masking, never mind computer drawing/painting.

I have a Wacom Graphire-had it for several years. It is just magic.The delicacy and touch sensitivity with which you can control your line is mindboggling.

I must say, however, that it is not like "real" drawing, as you are not looking at the point of the pen, but the screen, which even now I find difficult.

But still, I urge you to invest in one if you intend to delve far into photoshop, etc. It will defintely transform your computing.

The Wacam is more expensive than some tablets on the market, but I believe it is worth paying the extra-it is still not a lot.
Also even though the Graphire's sketch area seems v. small, I find it is perfectly adequate.



  rickimalone 22:42 03 Jun 2004


512MB PC3200 RAM

ASUS P4R800-VM - FSB 800 Mainboard

160GB 7200rpm Ultra DMA-133 HDD with 8MB Buffer

15" TFT Flat Panel LCD Monitor

SONY 52x CD ReWriter & 16x DVD-ROM (Combo)

£699 Including VAT and more great features:click here

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