Receipt of Damaged Mesh ref 5201509

  ADEW 09:54 10 Aug 2005

I received my Mesh Computer around the 20th of July 05 without the Monitor after a couple of days i used a spare monitor(not from mesh) to check the computer on opening the box i noticed there was a cap between the front of the Computer case and the side panel(enough so you could touch the metal frame inside) also the computer had a CLI error the other problems were the speakers had no screws to attach them to the stands. i contacted Mesh and they told me to return the computer and they sent me a £30 credit note. meanwhile the Monitor arrived. When the computer arrived on the 3rd Aug it was damaged with one side panel of one loose and the top broken off. i contacted Mesh and it was returned the next day on the 4th Aug. I contacted Mesh on the 5th and they promised to phone me on the 8th(no phone call) on the 9th i phoned them and they said they would have to wait until The Courier had been in contact with them(possibly 1 week) and then they would look at the problem again. So i asked if i could return the equipment i still had and get a full refund. They asked on What grounds so i said on the grounds the computer has not been received in good condition and could not be used. Iwas told that i could send it back but i would be unlikely to get a refund, So i agreed to wait a week until they sorted it out. Am i correct in saying that i could ask for a full refund as the goods are not in a fit state?.I also do not understand why i have to wait to see if the Courier or Mesh are at fault, the fact is there was a problem in sending me a item fit for use and the problem of damage is between Mesh and their couriers. So mesh should of returned to me a working computer when they received my damaged one. I have also pointed out to Mesh that the Courier the use carrys two handled Boxes using just one hand and also they store boxes upside down

  HondaMan 10:24 10 Aug 2005

Check here click here

  MESH Support 10:26 10 Aug 2005
  HondaMan 10:48 10 Aug 2005

Click on this link for more detail

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  HXP 23:37 14 Aug 2005

Davey sounds like he has a good attitude on this & I don't think any doubt you are entitled to a refund.

Either go for the refund or a completely new machine not a repair - you might have to wait longer but having had repairs from Mesh in the past it isn't a good experience.

Good luck and top marks to Davey for stepping in and being so honest - it instills confidence in MESH( could do with more like him at Mesh )don't doubt you were told you couldn't have a refund by others at Mesh they told me same .....


  ADEW 08:50 19 Aug 2005

After having my first two computers returned to mesh due to Damage i finally received the third on the 17th Aug seven weeks after i paid for it. only to find out that the operating system Window XP 64 BIT Does not work with any printer or Broadband Modem on the market. Fat lot of good that is and it certainly is therefore not fit for its purpose. Mesh said i could send the computer back and have it down graded to 32 bit, so i said can they not do it on site the reply was no so i said if it goes back again it stays there .So I told Mesh i would like a full refund and I have sent a letter to Mesh/Lloyds TSB VISA, Copied to my Local Trading Standards officer to demand a full refund and asked for return lables to be dispatched. Lloyds told me they are not responsible so i quoted Consummer protection act 75, but they still failed to budge on the matter. I am now waiting for a letter from MESH to see what they are going to do

  MESH Support 10:37 19 Aug 2005

With regards to your previous post and your most recent.

Upon receipt of your correct details I was able look into your previous calls to our support centre.

It would appear that you requested a refund initially and as a response were offered a replacement system, which you accepted.

With the replacement system you have now received you are experiencing the problems commonly associated with using the latest version of Windows within 6-12 months of it's release, namely the slow uptake of manufacturers to provide drivers for their products.

Please understand that it is the end-user's responsibility to ensure that the system they are purchasing will work with whatever third party peripherals they intend to use with it.

Under your circumstances, your initial purchase was an unpleasant experience and for that reason we will be willing to arrange for the return of the goods for a refund.

I will contact you via email with further details.


Mesh Support

  HondaMan 10:40 19 Aug 2005

If it was not what you ordered, you are entitled to reject it and have a refund. Simple as that.

  MESH Support 11:12 19 Aug 2005

True, however not really relevant to this situation.

Our customer ordered a Windows 64 system which is what they received. They then found that a printer they bought elsewhere did not work with it as the manufacturer could not provide 64bit drivers, the same with the broadband modem.


Mesh Support

  ADEW 13:17 19 Aug 2005

Davey Thanks for your assistance in resolving this matter I was concerned about the XP 64 Bit problem
Rgds ADE

  ADEW 12:05 23 Aug 2005

Davey Would it be possible to inform me how to return the system as promised, as the System is now packed awaiting your instruction

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