Rec'dations please. Fast, compact & loaded laptop

  GibsonSt19 09:53 14 Sep 2005

Hi all, I'm looking for a laptop (bundle deal if poss).

Looking for decent spec and gig of RAM if poss.

The budget is £1500, but that needs to include MS Office and Antivirus.

Can anyone make any recommendations?

This laptop is to be used when travelling, so battery life is important. Will need to be able to dial up to the net from Africa, so if you know of any handy little peripherals/softwares that could make that even easier, that would be great.

  Ceri.E 13:08 14 Sep 2005

It would now be called a Quest Roma.

The CPU is an AMD Turion MT 34 (MT37 for same money today) with 1 gig of RAM (upgrade)and cool n' quiet to save battery life, which is really about 3.5 hours with normal office use.
The hard disk is 80GB. Wireless networking is included.

We paid about £1200, including case and XP Pro.

My IT Department set up all the anti-virus stuff.

There was no trouble setting it up for dialling out from the Tropico Hotel in Luanda, Angola.

It's 2,7 Kg. so not too heavy to carry about.

It was a breeze setting it up to dial out from a rented villa in the Algarve.

I sometimes run it for days at a time from the mains analysing stuff at 100% CPU usage.

No crashes, no worries, so far.

Evesham were hinting that they might be about to put the AMD 3800 X2 chip in a notebook so that might be worth checking.



  bosmere 13:28 14 Sep 2005

"Will need to be able to dial up to the net from Africa"

if you're not staying at a hotel with internet access go to a local internet café and ask to connect to their server (just plug their cable into your machine and away you go!)- it costs me the equivalent of 25p/hour.

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