the reason for idoom becomes clearer

  georgemac 09:01 08 Feb 2004

click here and you can see why SCO was attacked by the idoom virus, looks like it was a linux (albeit a twisted one) supporter who created the virus, and also decided to have a go at Microsoft at the same time.

Never tried linux, but may be tempted to do a dual install in future.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:33 08 Feb 2004

Go for Linux if you want a challenge; Sues 8.2 is my preference but I have played with Mandrake also - both install easily and work well.

  Forum Editor 09:44 08 Feb 2004

on a corporate web server is hardly the way to make a point, and all serious Linux users will deplore such tactics. This is precisiely the kind of thing that the Linux community doesn't need.

  georgemac 10:10 08 Feb 2004

I agree entirely, was not condoning the virus and would never condone any such action. Viruses cause misery for thousands of computer users, I can never understand why individuals create viruses, but obviously it is because they have a grudge against companies or the world in general.

  Forum Editor 10:57 08 Feb 2004

georgemac - I've known you for too long to think such a thing.

  The Spires 19:28 08 Feb 2004

Along those lines. click here

  ddd3 00:33 09 Feb 2004

The current theory carrying the most weight at the moment is that the writer is almost certainly someone who is very miffed with SCO, but the real reason for the issue of the worm is to install sleepers on as many computers as possible for future use by spammers. Interestingly enough, there are unconfirmed rumours circulating the net that the police raided SCO to check that they hadn't sent the thing to themselves. I guess stranger things have happened...

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