Rear Projector WHAT PRICE!

  last starfighter 18:57 17 Jul 2008

just came accross this as i am looking to buy a rear prjector can you realy justify the price..? (At bottom of text)

click here

  Covergirl 19:11 17 Jul 2008

It weighs 22 pounds so maybe it's made of gold . . .?

IMHO it's just another way for the crafty maufacturer to take money off those who have it - those who must have the latest, the best, the most expensive; those who are keen to impress their friends with the amount of cash they've spent on their latest toy.

  oresome 20:05 17 Jul 2008

Covergirl, you sound just like my wife. Always bringing realism and practicalities into the discussion. It is after all only a suggested price......... they might be up for some negotiation in these troubled times.

Go for it last starfighter!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:20 17 Jul 2008

As usual a bit of relativity is needed. The projector costs the same as a low/medium priced family car. If you bought it you would probably use it more than the car and it would not cost 75p a mile to run. Looking at it this way makes it a veritable bargain.


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