really annoyng "3" driving me away

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 12:54 13 Mar 2003

Ok, have had enough for today!, that damn annoying 3 floating over the screen all the time has finally driven me mad. Even pop up stopper has given!!!!. Why do they have to do that? I realise it generates revenue etc but this one is totally out of order.

  two00lbwaster 12:59 13 Mar 2003

zonealarm 3.1 kills it but it slows 56k narrowband browsing as well

  nightporter 13:23 13 Mar 2003

I'm off too. I'll look in again next week, hope they're gone by then. Once on the front page is ok, but I think they're following me.

  Pilch.... 13:41 13 Mar 2003

feeling like death(self inflicted(Excercise and big binge drinking)) those 3's are the most annoying thing since hangover's....

  €dstow 13:41 13 Mar 2003


  AndySD 13:48 13 Mar 2003

I will look back later.

  darkjedimistress 14:13 13 Mar 2003

bye bye all, I will look back and hope in a few days time things are back to normal..

  Andÿ 14:28 13 Mar 2003

Remember when some thought PCA was in trouble!

click here

Lets try and remember how it felt when realising the PCA site may not be here for ever (if it can't pay for it's self) and realise the ads are really a small price to pay :o)

These intrusive ads have been developed because of popup stoppers devaluing the less intrusive ads.............

  suzie005 15:32 13 Mar 2003

well i haven't had any.i don't get them normally anyway cos i use Opera.don't even get them without the firewall on and i'm posting in IE now.

  suzie005 15:33 13 Mar 2003

sorry meant to say with the firewall off

  PC Advisor. 15:53 13 Mar 2003

OK, OK. If you want to go back to mother go back to mother. These things happen from time to time.

It was not our intention to cause any upset and we are making changes to the settings of the campaign to reduce the frequency of the ad per user. Some of our advertising is served by a third party and there's been a somewhat rare glitch. These updated settings will take a bit of time to go through our advertising system.

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