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  laurie53 12:29 27 Aug 2007

Not sure if this is Consumerwatch or Helpline, but hopefully I'll get some answers anyway.

Last couple of times I've tried to listen to BBC Radio 4 online I have received a message saying I must download Realplayer 10, despite having other software which would do the job (e.g. Mediaplayer).

Can a publicly funded body insist that we use one particular commercial product, albeit a free one? Does this not give one company a serious advantage over the others?

Let's face it, if you've got Realplayer installed and want to upgrade to a paid for product you're hardly likely to go looking elsewhere are you?

  brundle 13:01 27 Aug 2007

You mean MediaPlayerClassic? It won't play .ra files on its own without the right files, included with RealPlayer Alternative for example.

The reason the BBC used RP is because it was the best solution for streaming reasonable quality audio/video at dial-up modem speeds.

Not that I'm condoning their adoption of RealPlayer,
the software itself is too intrusive.

RP Alternative every time. click here

  john bunyan 18:16 27 Aug 2007

Laurie53. I quite agree with brundle; RP alternative is far less intrusive.

  €dstowe 18:48 27 Aug 2007

Another vote for RP Alternative. I wouldn't let the real Real Player anywhere near any of my machines after a total fiasco a number of years ago which required a re-install of my O/S just to remove the pestilential software.

  richardcockbain 20:41 27 Aug 2007

Agree with your thread ... while Real Player may offer advantages over other software the objective of a publicly funded corporation is to be diverse and accessible.

  Stuartli 10:15 28 Aug 2007

The problem with RealPlayer is that you have to configure it to do what YOU want it to do, not Real...:-)

I support the suggestion of Real Alternative (and QuickTime Alternative if necessary).

The K-Lite codecs packs include Media Player Classic, which will generally play most things thrown at it.

By the way, I've always been able to play BBC online radio stations using Real Alternative.

  laurie53 17:36 28 Aug 2007

Thanks everybody.

RP alt installed

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