Real cost of running computers

  cyberphobic 11:11 15 Oct 2006

The cost of my electricity has recently rocketed to £120 per month. As I don't heat or cook with electricity, I've been wondering how I can possibly use that much and I came across this calculation -

Personal Computer and Monitor (220+150)
= 370 Watts x 4 hours/day x 365 days/year
= 540 kWh x 8.2 p / kWh
= £44.28 / year
Until recently I had 4 desktops on all the time, (2 members of the family now have laptops so the situation has improved) but 4 PCs on 24/7 according to this calculation are costing me £88.56 per month in electricity - this can't be right can it?

  Monument 11:23 15 Oct 2006

If one machine costs £44.28 a year then 4 machines will cost £177.12 which is £14.76pm

  anskyber 11:23 15 Oct 2006

As a start I suggest you look here. My marginal rate per KWh is 5.83p

  anskyber 11:24 15 Oct 2006

click here Oops!

  cyberphobic 11:27 15 Oct 2006

Monument - the original calculation is only for 4 hours use per day, my calculation is based on 24/7.
anskyber - have been looking at comparison sites but your rate seems much cheaper

  anskyber 11:28 15 Oct 2006

Its npower and I am in Cumbria. It can vary.

  cyberphobic 11:31 15 Oct 2006

I'm with npower too but live in Oxfordshire - the plot thickens!

  spuds 11:33 15 Oct 2006

And according to my recent bill's, the cost are going to increase even further, more so, over the winter months. Anyone know where I can get a steam, wood or candle powered computer?.

  anskyber 11:34 15 Oct 2006

Mine is a "sign on line" tariff, slightly less than their standard rates. Here at least!

  anskyber 11:45 15 Oct 2006

Drat! I'm having a poor morning. The price I quoted was from my September bill. I am now on 8.15p. Which is still the cheapest for me in this area. Apologies for the misleading post earlier.

  recap 11:53 15 Oct 2006

click here for an electrical running cost calculator, it may help you calculate your running cost more easily?

And click here for a 'Watt' rating for your monitor etc.

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