Readers Digest Subscription Problem

  proudfoot 14:18 19 May 2011

In December last, my wife set up a years subscription for a copy of Readers Digest. She did not receive an invoice for payment and in January we went on holiday abroad.

On our return early february we found a letter stating payment had not been received. Immediately she paid the subscription using her debit card over the phone using the Customer Number on the letter. Since then the magazine has been delivered each month. My wife has been told this second account was set up during the period when we were out of the country over 6000 miles away.

A few days after making the payment, a letter was received with another Customer Number, no second subscription has been set up by us. Obviously this must have been set up by readers Digest without our permission The title on this correspondence is to a Mr with my wife's first name initial and surname, my first name does not have the same first letter.

She keeps phoning to point out the error in their accounting system but no one seems to be taking any notice and trying to sort the problem out. Regularly further demands for payment are being received, the final one stating the debt (winch we maintain we do not owe) is to be passed the a Debt Recovery Agent.

We have sent a formal letter by Royal Mail signed for explaining the situation to the Readers Digest Company Secretary and await a reply.

What is the position if we encounter someone on the door step demanding payment for a sum which we are in dispute with the company and we do not owe.

We would appreciate any help and advice as to what we should do to resolve this problem.

  Woolwell 17:13 19 May 2011

A visit to the Citizen's Advice Bureau or a call to your solicitor may be required. In the meantime wait for the reply to your letter.

  SparkyJack 09:01 20 May 2011

And In thought Readers Digest was defunct years ago.

  anchor 09:35 20 May 2011

The Readers Digest was taken over 13 months ago by "Better Capital", a venture capital company.

Better Capital

  proudfoot 13:38 20 May 2011

Taken over by Better Capital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are obviously trying to take our capital by illegal methods in harassing us for payment of an unpaid account that was not set up by us and therefore not our responsibility.

  proudfoot 13:09 21 May 2011

Finally we appear to have sorted the problem out. The obvious answer when Customer Services take no notice when you phone to sort out a problem is to write a formal letter to the Chief Executive setting out the problem. We did this stating we would be making a counter claim for damages for harassment if they started proceedings. We now have an email saying the account had now been deleted (time will tell). We have written to the Chief Executive of other businesses when we have not received satisfactory service or Customer Services are unwilling to comply with Statuary Law. In almost all cases the matter is sorted out immediately.

  Terry Brown 20:57 21 May 2011

Just a small bit of Advice. You paid over the telephone by Debit card, which is the same as cash , and gives you very little protection.

If you had paid by Credit card, you may have been able to get help from the cedit card company, as you have a lot more rights for consumer protection


  proudfoot 23:15 21 May 2011

Terry Brown Credit Card protection does not kick in below £100.00. The sum involved was only £12.00, but a principle was involved.

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