Read your own gas meter?

  realist 19:10 27 Oct 2009

An email from British Gas is asking me to send in a meter reading before they send my next bill.

I never had to read my own meter before and as I'd presumably be saving BG money by doing do would expect to get a discount in return.

Is this "do-it yourself" meter reading now standard practice?

  spuds 19:20 27 Oct 2009

Do it yourself as been available for some time now, but they do send a meter reader occasionally, to see if you are 'up to date'. Alternatively they will provide an estimated reading, but I have found that this is usually 'in excess' of what you might have used. But they will correct the bill and send a fresh one, if you phone up.

I know when we had a bit of a query once about meter reading, I was a bit alarmed that 3 different contact companies were involved. No wonder the bills can be high!.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:50 27 Oct 2009

I enter my own meter readings online and have done so for some time.

I'd add that if you have received an unsolicited email then make sure that it is genuine.

Do not click on any email links.

  interzone55 20:25 27 Oct 2009

Utilities only have to read your meter once every two years.

Don't be tempted to give a false reading, because you'll get a shock when your meter is read by BG (or AccuRead or whatever...)

  Forum Editor 21:19 27 Oct 2009

for some time now,and the utility companies only come round occasionally - I assume they want to take a check reading.

Lots of people will already have electricity meters with phone line sockets on them - the suppliers dream of the day when they can read 100,000 meters a day without any human intervention.

  tammer 21:31 27 Oct 2009

It's quite a risky tactic not to submit meter readings regularly.

If you submit an accurate reading now and find that you get a bill (as I did) for £1500, you probably won't be too happy.

  BT 08:19 28 Oct 2009

If you do this make sure you get it right especially with Dial type meters

See here click here

  onionskin 09:08 28 Oct 2009

You don't get paid for reading your own meter, but if there is a price rise in the offing you can send a higher reading and pay for your gas in advance at the lower rate. Conversely, if there is a price reduction due, you can send a lower reading. This is, of course, very dishonest and you might get caught out if the expected price change doesn't occur.
Don't overdo it, they know exactly how much power you normally use. I find that their estimates are usually spot on, but funnily enough, when a rise is due they tend to be underestimated, if a price drop is due, they tend to be overestimated....

  Covergirl 08:05 29 Oct 2009

. . . in my area but I'm always out at work. They slip a card through the door for me to take my own reading and come back the next day and read what I've put on the card.
I then get a bill based upon what my "Customer Reading" was at that point in time.

There was a time where they left the card, I did the necessary, then the bill came in "Estimated" so I phoned and complained and it's been bob on every quarter since.

Discount for reading your own meter . . . ? (ROTFLMAO)

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