Re: R6: Raven Shield review

  The Mad Hacker 18:22 09 Jun 2003

In the review of Raven Shield, PCA #95, the reviewer seems to be a bit annoyed about the lack of an ingame save feature, and lowered the rating of the game considerably, based on this one feature.

The developers of the game wanted the game to be as realistic as possible, hence the "one hit kills" style of gameplay.

In real life, one bullet kills. And in real life, you don't get an ingame quicksave. This makes the game (in my opinion, of course), more fun, as you can't just reload if the unexpected happens, you are forced to adapt to your current situation.

Writing such a feature would not take too long, as, the position of every object in the game is in the computer's memory anyway, it's a matter of writing this to a file in a format that the computer can read.

Although this can be annoying if you need to get off the computer to allow another member of the family to use it, you will lose your progress in the game from the beginning of that mission.

I haven't played the game yet, I'm waiting until I have enough cash for a new graphics card before I buy any more computer games (in time for HL2), but if the last two installments of the series I played are anything to go by, it'll be brilliant.


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