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  Mekanos 11:27 24 Feb 2008


After initially wanting to spend about £1,400 on a system, i have come to my senses and now brought that down to £850. I realised that im not too interested in playing the very latest games on max settings etc. so spending that much of money just wasnt worth it.

Instead, i have bulit myself this spec from Chillblast:

Basic Specification:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 Processor (3.0GHz)
XFX Nvidia 650i Ultra Motherboard
nVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB Graphics Card
Asus TA-863 Black Case*
500W Power Supply
4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory
20x DVD-RW/CD-RW Optical Drive (Black)
320GB SATA 7200rpm Hard Disk
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit OEM
2 Year Collect and Return Warranty

Included Peripherals:

19" Widescreen TFT Monitor featuring 1440x900 resolution
Logitech EX-110 Keyboard & Mouse
2 channel Speakers - please note the value 5.1 speaker option is currently out of stock!

Im only making two changes to this, upgrading the sound card to:
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

and adding an internal wireless card.

With saturday delivery this system comes to around £850.

Is this a good price? Can anyone point me towards a better system for this price?

I'm also worried about the monitor, is it any good?


  The Kestrel 11:57 24 Feb 2008

Try pricing up the same spec at Cougar Extreme click here and see how their pricing compares. I don't know anything about Chillblast, but recently bought my new PC from Cougar and was very impressed with both the build quality and customer service.

  Mekanos 12:20 24 Feb 2008

Priced the same spec at Cougar Extreme, with saturday delivery, and the 3% surcharge it comes to around £930.

  GaT7 13:27 24 Feb 2008

Arguably one of the best options these days may be to build your own (not more expensive than most pre-built PCs), but if that's not an option.....

Couple of Dell XPS 420s to consider (some discounts/offers will only last till 27/02/08):

1. click here - Base = £699

Main specs: Quad-core Q6600 / 2Gb RAM / 640GB RAID HDDs / 8800GT / TV Tuner / 2x optical drives

* Changes to make to spec: choose Logitech™ Cordless Desktop™ EX110 - price reduces to £679
* Add 10% voucher code: LG$C6?DF?$M734 (expires 27/02) - price now £662
* Go through Quidco/Dell click here to get 5% cashback - this will knock £25 off
* Add 2x 1Gb RAM upgrade (to take it to 4Gb), & a 19" monitor: Add ~£135

GRAND Total: £775

Upgrades for both (examples only):
- 2Gb RAM: click here - £30-35 delivered
- 19" TFT Monitor: click here - £103 delivered

2. If you don't want/need RAID, but fancy a Blu-Ray drive (read only) click here - Base = £849

Main specs: Quad-core Q6600 / 2Gb RAM / 500GB non-RAID HDDs / 8800GT / 20" TFT / 6x Blu-Ray ROM (read)

* Changes to make to spec: choose Logitech™ Cordless Desktop™ EX110 - price reduces to £829
* Add 10% voucher code: LG$C6?DF?$M734 (expires 27/02) - price now £752
* Go through Quidco/Dell click here to get 5% cashback - this will knock £29 off
* Add 2x 1Gb RAM upgrade (to take it to 4Gb): Add ~£35

GRAND Total: £758

Whatever you decide, don't go for anything else than a quad-core - especially as it's within your budget. It's better than an E6850 (even if you're not going to overclock) & cost about the same. From the last page of this article click here:

"Even though the dual-core model is able to reach higher clock speeds, the quad-core wins in the final analysis thanks to multi-threaded software. If you have the extra $88 to spare for the Q6600, we recommend you choose it over its little brother. In our opinion, the dual-core version simply isn't worth it any more. The situation is even more dire for the E6850, which costs as much as the Q6600, making it an even tougher sell."

Chillblast PC - I'd like to know the make & model number of the power supply, as most (incl Cougar) tend to skinch on this important component. Sadly, you have to pay a premium to get a better one. G

P.S. If you're not sure how Quidco works, just ask

  Mekanos 13:44 24 Feb 2008

Wow, those look good!

Dont quite know how Quidco works, and where is the 10% voucher code from?

And when you say add 2x 1GB RAM, im assuming you mean to do it separately by myself?

As for bulding my own, never done it before and i dont really have the confidence to do so!

Thanks! I'd actually prefer to buy from dell specially if its cheaper!

  GaT7 18:49 24 Feb 2008

Got voucher off the web (click here). Did you try it? Do a mock purchase, add the PC to your basket, apply the voucher & see what happens.

Yes, I meant adding the 2Gb RAM &/or monitor separately from eBuyer - mainly to get better quality & value. Adding more RAM is one of the simplest things to do (this is how I began a few years ago - I can now easily build a PC. It's not that difficult really). We can talk you through fitting the RAM & provide a web tutorial if necessary.

Quidco: First you need to register. Then when ready to purchase, log-on & click on the particular retailer's link THERE (screenshot) & buy the product in that visit. Cookies need to be enabled in your browser so the transaction gets tracked. Cashback is paid direct into your bank account (BACS) or PayPal (if preferred) a few months later. The only problem I've found is that sometimes the transaction doesn't get tracked (probably my own fault as I have cookie-blocking software that I forget to disable), & I have to submit a query that can take a long time to be resolved. Please feel free to ask if you need any help/more questions about Quidco. G

  GaT7 18:56 24 Feb 2008

Sorry, forgot the Quidco screenshot- this is what it looks like when logged in
click here.

You then have to click on the "Click here to visit this merchant and earn cashback" link, which will open a new browser window at that retailer's website.

You don't have to do this each time you visit Dell, but must do when you're ready to purchase, so it gets tracked OK. G

  Mekanos 08:36 25 Feb 2008

Thanks Crossbow7!

With a few minor upgrades and delivery (£60 with VAT!!!) it comes to around £850 which is perfectly in line with my budget!

Now to enable cookies and make the order.

Thanks again!

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