RAM Speeds and Geforces.... *Need Advice!*

  Ariis Zarai 19:51 20 Sep 2006

Hi there!

I'm currently looking at various configurations for a new pc, and I've come to a crossroads between memory and graphics card setups - The processor I have chosen is an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66ghz. I'm looking for best performance with memory for the pc aswell as great graphics...

Option 1: 2x1gb sticks of ddr2 (pc5300 667mhz) ram and Geforce 7950Gx2 1.0gb DDR3 graphics.


Option 2: 2x1gb sticks of ddr2 (pc6400 800mhz) ram and Geforce 7900GTX 512mb DDR3 graphics.

I read that the new 7950GX2 requires at least a 2.5ghz processor and 2gb of ram, however the ram that it would have in that first option is slower than option 2. I've worked out also to have the better card and faster ram would work out way too expensive, so that's out of the question.

Option 2 is actually £60 more expensive, however if it's a better option I will go with that, I'm also thinking about the future when I could add more ram. Maybe it's better to go with option 2 and have the faster ram that I can expand on at a later date?

I've also read that someone had an AMD Fx60 and it couldn't even keep with 2 7900gtx's in sli....

I'm under the impression a fast processor will always make better performance than an amazing graphics card that demands things that haven't been invented yet?

I'm currently in uni and will be doing lots of video editing and rendering so will need as much ram as possible,

I've heard Windows XP Pro handles 4gb ram better than Home Edition? some clarification would be great on this!
- I read somewhere if I were to eventually get 4gb, Windows only shows 2gb for applications and games, and will reserve the other 2 for itself? there's a 3gb switch or something? can anyone elaborate?

*great confusion here* :S

Basically what I want to know simply is, - Will the insane 1gb geforce 7950 be blazingly fast with this processor? Or is a 7900gtx sufficient and still amazing especially so with the 800mhz faster ram?

* Slower ram and insane graphics?
* Faster ram and slightly insane graphics?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

~ Jules

  anskyber 21:08 20 Sep 2006

This does not answer your question but it may give you more info, as an interactive site to go on. click here and click here

  Ariis Zarai 21:41 20 Sep 2006

Thanks for the links :) v.helpful, cheers.

  Ariis Zarai 22:10 20 Sep 2006

I've actually learnt quite a bit from those pages, - it seems pretty much that the 2.66ghz and 2.93ghz Core 2 Duo's are the best processors on the market right now, which is very reassuring because I'm going to buy one :)

It also seems that the 2.66ghz is only slightly slower than the MUCH more expensive 2.93ghz. Intel are definitely leading the way in processing power at the moment!

It also seems that the Geforce 7900gtx is one of the best cards as a single gpu, - it's going to take a long time for games to come out that are geared towards sli configs. Also game developers probably will lose out on designing them for sli users solely, unless they can design them to take advantage of sli, whilst being as normal for the majority of gamers single graphics card setups.

Woah, I'm talking like I actually know things now! :P

Thanks for the links :)

I'll post here again when I'm running Doom3 maxed out with 7.1 surround sound and leaving all the windows open so the neighbours hear!!! Mwuhaha

  anskyber 22:47 20 Sep 2006

Yes it would be interesting to see the final product.

  gudgulf 23:15 20 Sep 2006

Personally I would go for the first system....

...Why? Well first off the way that intel chipsets use RAM memory means there will be little or no advantage in using the faster(and more expensive) RAM.Secondly the 7950GX2 is significantly faster in just about every game than the 7900GTX.

Remember also it is not the game itself that supports SLI...it is NVidia including the game in their driver database.Whilst every game is not currently covered..the majority are,and the list grows with each driver release.

In short the first pc is going to be insignificantly different in general applications and considerably better in terms of gaming performance....not only that it will leave you enough change to buy a couple games to prove the point!

Well that's my opinion anyway....because really,both rigs can be summed up by one word,SUPERB!

  Ariis Zarai 01:58 21 Sep 2006

Thanks for the info guys!! thinking about managing with my current system for a little while longer whilst I save up a bit more :D

Hurray! (Core 2 Duo 2.93ghz is BERSERK)

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