Radeon 9600 graphics card

  Rogerfredo 09:09 18 Aug 2004

I have just purchased a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Atlantis graphics card from Ebuyer.
As you will know, the decision on what is the best buy is difficult with the many different specs available.
Ebuyer helpfully provide a link to Sapphires site to display their advertising brochure, which is what I used to form the basis of my choice.
The brochure states under the heading "Cinematic Rendering", that the card has 8 pixel pipeline architecture, whereas I have since found that it has 4.
The brochure also states "256Mb memory interface", whereas in reality this is 128Mb.
The brochure seems to have parts from the 9800 spec in it.
I think you will agree that this is not good enough, and a company like Sapphire should Know better!

  bremner 09:19 18 Aug 2004

Are you able to post a link to the Sapphire Site that had these details.

I have been to the site and could only find these two click here

click here

which are both clearly accurate in their descriptions.

  Urotsukidoji 09:26 18 Aug 2004

are you sure your mainboard is 8x capable? if it is not then it will only report 4x in windows etc. as for the ram issue, send it back to them and say its not what you paid for, and ask them for the correct gfx card

  Rogerfredo 09:27 18 Aug 2004

If you download the PDF brochure from the page you supplied as a link, you will see what I mean!

  bremner 09:32 18 Aug 2004

It has a 256 BIT memory interface not 256MB.

8 pixel pipeline and 4 pipelines.

Read under 'Enhance the way you play' and 'Features' and you will see there is no misleading.

  Rogerfredo 16:39 18 Aug 2004

Excuse a slip of the keyboard, I did mean 256 bit memory interface.
However, the card is a 128 bit interface.
The "4 and 8 pixel pipelines" are also contradictory, and I have just received an email from Sapphire to say they will be addressing this correction.

  kakellie 22:48 18 Aug 2004

9600 only has a 128 bit memory interface and has only 4 pixel pipelines i think u have been mislead somewhere

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