R11 modem cable 99 pence

  pat-212841 14:09 22 Jun 2005

I dont know if any one is interested but there is a R11 modem cable 5 metre for sale in the 99 pence shop not the £1 shop ,we have a 99p shop in Reading town.

  igk 20:51 22 Jun 2005

On a similar subject a usb to printer cable 2 metres in length,PC World £19 on Ebay a guy I buy from regularly brand new £3.19 inc postage!!!
PC World rip off again!!!!

  pat-212841 21:52 22 Jun 2005

But i just bought a usb cable 2.0 A plug/ B plug 99pence as well from the same shop so it pays to shop around.Ebay is ok but the postage is the killer !

  pat-212841 22:27 22 Jun 2005

igk but yours is probably better quality than the one i bought and i didnt need mine but just in case i did for 99p i had to buy it.

  Stuartli 14:49 24 Jun 2005

My local Tesco has been selling off quality computer related leads and cables over the past week or so - I bought an OfficeEssentials 1.8m standard parallel printer cable with gold plated copper contacts and lifetime warranty (as a spare) for 96p...:-)

  pat-212841 17:38 24 Jun 2005

Ha ha i knew someone would find it cheaper ! i must have a look in my tesco cause the leads i bought are not gold plated , thanks for that .

  Stuartli 21:08 24 Jun 2005

The reason is probably because more and more printers come with USB connection.

In similar vein - because people now use different types of car polish - was the purchase of several tins of TripleWax car polish in the round cans. A number of Tesco stores made the offer. Price was 55p..:-)

To my surprise it's not the old hard type, but a semi-paste similar to AugoGlym SuperResin Polish.

  pat-212841 22:12 24 Jun 2005

Stuartli i still have the hard type of triple wax dont ever put it in the microwave to warm it up mine exploded took me weeks to get it off !

  Stuartli 09:43 25 Jun 2005

It might have been wise to remove it from the tin first.....

  pat-212841 22:06 25 Jun 2005

Stuartli i did remove it from the tin i put it on a pyrex dish just blew up there was hardly any polish on the pyrex plate it was all on the sides top and bottom of the microwave ! i had to get it all off with a hot air gun that gets paint off took me 3 days to do !

  Stuartli 22:34 25 Jun 2005

Perhaps it was the metallic version...:-)

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