R refurbished digital Cameras an inferior product

  erkmatrix 09:52 18 Apr 2007


I'm wanting to upgrade my Olympus C5050 camera and get either a Nikon D40x or a Canon 400D or even Canon 350D , I have seen some good deals on ebay selling the Canon 350D but they say refurbished to new. Does anyone have any experience with refurbished digital cams and are they in any way a inferior product to the normal new one. I certainly don't want to pay all that money and be stuck with a camera that I would need to change if its not as good quality as maybe a new one would of been.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm gutted I missed out on the deal at Tesco as they were selling the 400D plus lens kit for £399 and with the Canon rebate you could of got a further £50 off so that would of been a great deal, sadly they sold out quick and now say they will be when back in stock going back to £499.


  Kate B 10:50 18 Apr 2007

I would be very wary of buying a refurbished product via eBay - there's too much that can go wrong. You do have rights with refurbished products but the risk of not being able to enforce them seem too great to me with that kind of money. Get your camera from an established vendor, either online or a real shop.

  Diemmess 11:16 18 Apr 2007

Buy where you know you can return if the camera misbehaves for any reason.

By coincidence I have/had a 5050 which was OK until it decided to dream up its own settings when using the Zoom button.

Seemed worth letting Olympus repair it for just over £100 including full check and 6 month warranty. That was March 6th and I'm still waiting. click here
Latest - parts due in 21st will receive camera about a week later!

My point is that if the "new" one so much as hesitates.... you are stuck.
In your search for best value try Amazon, the security is much better.

  spuds 11:26 18 Apr 2007

Check with the vendor as to who is supplying the warranty. I have a number of newsletter offers from companies like Kodak regarding refurbished products, and all offers are with a 3,6 or 12 month full warranty, depending on product and price. If the ebay vendor is registered as a trader (check feedback and quantity of items sold) then consumer law should be in your favour. Payment by credit card method via PayPal or vendors arrangement should offer possible extra advantages.Also check on PayPal's protection procedure, as there are 2 types of 'insurance' protection cover.

I normally contact the vendor/seller via eBays 'contact seller' regarding any concerns, then see what their replies are like. Always think in terms of buyer beware, if in doubt.

Would mention that I sent an information request recently, to a Hong Kong based seller. Had a reply in square boxed form, so I can only assume their reply was in Chinese, and translation and conversion to English was not available via eBay :O)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:28 18 Apr 2007

No 6/12 month warranty - no sale and walk away.


  Stuartli 15:42 18 Apr 2007

If you go to well respected click here, you'll regularly find "refurbished" just discontinued digital cameras, many of them from Fuji, on offer at excellent prices.

However, my understanding is that many buyers have discovered that these "refurbished" cameras are, in fact, brand new.

It's done presumably by manufacturers to save upsetting earlier buyers this description is provided to offset the pain and the agony of missing out on a financial saving....:-)

  Totally-braindead 16:45 18 Apr 2007

I was going to suggest Morgancomputers as well but Stuartli beat me to it.

A few years ago I bought a refurbished Olympus camera off ebay from a company in the US. 6 month guarantee and there were no problems with it, one small scratch on the case thats all but I got hit by the customs and excise and by the time I paid them their cut it was about the same as one bought new in this country. So if you do go for one, buy in the UK from an established company like Morgans though you have to watch their prices sometimes as with the likes of Argos doing special offers you can end up paying the same for a refurbished one as you can for a new one. So have a good look about. Jessops also have some good deals as have 7dayshop.

  georgemac © 17:05 18 Apr 2007

There is a Canon Outlet on ebay where canon refurbished products are sold and I have heard they are very good.

For me would have to be a good saving to buy a refurbished product

I believe apple also sell refurbished products on their website, just search for refurbished - they are the only major manufacturer I have seen selling refurb products directly (other than the dell outlet)

  erkmatrix 17:41 18 Apr 2007

I'e done a rather mad thing and not gone for the canon at all or the Nikon. I opted for a Sony DSC-R1 plus a 2gb memory and sony tripod all in for £400 so got myself what I hope is a nice little deal in the end I think, it was off ebay so is second hand, on the plus he has 100% feedback and lives only 12 miles away and also says no quibbles return policy if I return it within 2 weeks so, heres hoping its good, it gets good reviews and I liked the sample shots from dpreview I saw.

Probably really complicated though thats what I afraid of, the y tend to everything under the sun the modern day cameras but going to ask on the dpreviews forum if I get to stuck,

Is that a little mad to but a camera that has been discontinued and is second hand although seller says in excellent condition.

  bluto1 23:34 18 Apr 2007

I wish you well with your purchase and hope it provides all you want in photography.
I would never buy a refurbished camera of any sort, but I have bought second hand cameras over the years that have produced first class results.

  jack 08:18 19 Apr 2007

I can only further add to the Morgan Computers
I have purchased both Fuji and Olympus' Refurbs' from them to find they were in fact new stock from a deleted model range still on sale elsewhere[Argos] at full price.
Their current list is offering a Nikon SLR.
I have had no dud stuff from them ever.

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