QVC and Dell?

  roygbiv 17:34 02 Jun 2003

I just happened to see Home Office Small Office on QVC yesterday (not SAD I was just looking)

Before they (QVC) were all for Dell PC's. Now it seems they are all for Time PC's.

Have Dell and QVC "had words"????.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:43 02 Jun 2003

Gandalf (even more confused).


  spuds 19:55 02 Jun 2003

QVC will sell any product, providing they can negotiate favourable financial terms.

I always remember buying a Lexmark printer from them.It was the bee's knees at the time,according to the host. A month later, it was cheaper purchase in most places.

  Patr100 20:15 02 Jun 2003

They featured a Hewlett Packard PC a week or so ago and a Dell not long before that. Not really that confusing. As said, they are never geared too one particular source.

They used to sell Gateway, then Evesham. Must be doing the rounds.

  mole44 20:12 03 Jun 2003

being the sad soul that i am i wathch tim goodwin on QVC,lol,they had a m-tek computer on there,and i`ve been in computers since they were mechanical in the 60`s ,and i`ve never heard of the make either,has anyone else

  Philip2 22:27 03 Jun 2003

Did you notice not a word was said about Time support or there expensive help line.

  mole44 22:42 03 Jun 2003

i`m still on an 0800 number for evesham,not bad for a 5 year old computer,now thats what i call support.i get that 0800 for as long i keep the machine

  Gaz 25 00:11 05 Jun 2003

I am going to sit and see what is on for a bit, my eyes are doped on the PC.

  roygbiv 17:26 06 Jun 2003

Out of interest i am going to see what they have to promote, this weekend?

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