Quiet Mouse, Silent Mouse

  Cuyahogen 14:31 25 Aug 2010


I want to buy either a quiet mouse or, preferably, a silent mouse. I have no modelling or electronics skill whatsoever - believe me, I've tried - and so a do-it-yourself kit won't do for me. Also, I have found out about the Thanko Silent Mouse, which one review describes as expensive and worthless, so I'm loathe to try that unless someone has had a better experience with it that they'd like to share.

Bascially, is there any difference in the noise produced by different mice? And surely the manufacturers must be aware of the noise their products make - can't they come up with a solution? I would have thought that if there were do-it-yourself kits, as I know there are, it would be a simple step to make a mouse to which the procedure had already been applied!

All sensible replies welcomed. Please keep jokes, trolling, and advertising to yourself.

  Woolwell 16:44 25 Aug 2010

Do you mean that it doesn't click when you click?

  wiz-king 16:53 25 Aug 2010

click here Expensive solution!

  Woolwell 21:39 25 Aug 2010

Reply by e-mail "Yes, that's right. See Wiz-King's reply on this forum - expensive, but I think it's what I'm looking for."

Please don't use yellow envelope for this as other will not be able to see and reply correctly.

  Popanda 00:52 09 Sep 2010

I had a same problem for quite long time and finally I found JSCO Noiseless Mouse. It's about 20quid so much cheaper than wiz-king's solution. :)

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