Quick TomTom One GB v3 Question

  Chris the Ancient 18:01 28 Jan 2008

I'm broke, but it looks as though a new sat nav is needed, and I'm quite interested in the TomTom ONE GB V3 Sat Nav System as available at Halfords for a good price.

Now the question...

I am registered with Pocket GPS World to get free speed camera database updates - and these are available in ov3 format. I've looked at (seemingly) millions of sites with details on the TomTom One sat nav; but I can't find out if I can update the speed camera database in that format.

Can I?


  alB 19:17 28 Jan 2008

As far as I know, and I stand to be corrected, all TomTom units use the OV2 file format,either way, if you're registered with PGPSworld you should be able to download the correct file/s for the unit..click here ...alB

  Chris the Ancient 19:41 28 Jan 2008

Just the little nudge I think I needed.



  alB 21:04 28 Jan 2008

I'm sure you'll be pleased with it ...alB

  sunny staines 11:32 29 Jan 2008

if you use the free POI EDIT 3.8 you get the database free

  Chris the Ancient 11:41 29 Jan 2008

Link to POI Edit

click here

However, at a personal level, I am not that much into POIs, just the up-to-date speed camera database at

click here

which I subscribe to and POI Edit links to.

  Les T 18:35 29 Jan 2008

I can assure you that the speed camera database updates do indeed work with the Tom Tom V3.


  spuds 12:08 30 Jan 2008

As a footnote, I have just noticed that Ebuyer are sending out email newsletters, that the Tom Tom One v3 is on special offer (below £100.00) with £10.00 worth of vouchers and free delivery.

  Chris the Ancient 10:33 31 Jan 2008

Got one in the end,

Fortunately, as it happens, I got it at my local Halfords. Fortunate because it completely and irretrievably crashed.

However, after much hassle at Halfords, who insisted that they could do nothing without an RMA from TomTom (who were closed by that time of the evening) nad me muttering about "fit for purpose" and "Sale of Goods Act", they replaced it immediately - "as a gesture of good will". Various bits of research - particularly at click here make it look as theough the end user can fix it.

So far, I like it a lot. It locks in so quickly compared to my old Navman and is generally more accurate and stable.

Perhaps this weekend, I shall try getting the appropriate updates installed - hoping that it does not crash again!

  alB 20:15 31 Jan 2008

Hope you find it works ok for you, a handy bit of kit is a straightened paper clip to do a reset if it locks up, mine does very occasionally, don't forget to back up before you start adding files to the card, in fact I bought a bigger SD card for mine and copied all the files over to it and now keep the original card stowed away, just in case, here's another good sat nav forum for you click here ...alB

  Chris the Ancient 11:10 01 Feb 2008

Thanks for that link.

I shall read more of that forum later when I have time - but, so far, it looks quite useful.


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