Quick Pipex question

  Aspman 09:50 10 Mar 2004

I'm moving to broadband (hurrah, runs round room). I've pretty much decided on Pipex due to the positive comments in the forum and that they are relatively cheap to get started with.

The SoloToGo 500 package (with the modem & microfilters) is it self install?

And, is there any sort of site survey that needs to be done?

  leo49 10:10 10 Mar 2004

All necessary changes are made at the Exchange and don't involve any visit to your property.

It's self install,but that only entails plugging in a filter and a couple of leads and loading software from a CD as per installing,for example,a printer.

Pipex will provide you with all the necessary details to enter into "Settings" and a guide to this is downloadable from their site.


  Aspman 10:47 10 Mar 2004

Ta. That answers it nicely. I'd rather install myself anyway I was just worried this would involve days off work.

Thanks muchly


  TOPCAT® 11:14 10 Mar 2004

As leo49 says, it is a simple installation procedure. If the supplied modem is USB connected, then the main thing to remember is not to plug the modem into the computer until AFTER the provided software is installed.

Do ensure you have a good firewall and anti-virus software on your PC, keeping both regularly updated.

I hope you have a great broadband experience from this excellent provider. TC.

  Aspman 12:20 10 Mar 2004

Any idea of the time taken from purchase to delivery.

I cancelled my dial up today so as to avoid paying for this month.

Not a biggie I'll set up an 0845 as a temp solution if need be.

  leo49 12:40 10 Mar 2004

It's really totally dependent on BT - how busy they are in your area and whether they extract the digit.Realistically you're probably looking at 10 days or so.

  wags 13:34 10 Mar 2004

Aspman, I ordered (Pipex )online on a Wednesday evening, Modem and filters arrived on Friday that week and the line was converted and everything up and running on the following Wednesday evening (5 working days !)

The installation of drivers and configuration was a breeze. Took less than 15 mins to be online and surfing !

  Aspman 13:38 10 Mar 2004

10 days isn't bad really.

It's ordered now anyway. I'll dig out the freeserve 0845 number and keep that going for now.

Thanks for prompt replies.

  anchor 14:31 10 Mar 2004

If you need a temporary connection, you could use Turbosheep. No sign up, pay-as-you-go, local 0845 rates.

click here

You may find the link below helpful for setting up your Pipex connection. Also, take note of Topcat`s advice about installing the modem.

click here

Download the pdf file for reference.

  Aspman 15:49 10 Mar 2004

Thanks again. The links are handy, cheers.

I'd better install the modem correctly, I'd get no sympathy. I'm the IT support technician for a school.

Turbosheep, what a name!

I ran AVG and Zonealarm even on the 56kb (how nice to now say that in past tense) so hopefully I'm reasonable locked down for bb.

  ch0pper 01:53 11 Mar 2004

One nice thing about Pipex is that they have automatically reduced my subscription fee as their price to new customers has dropped.

So many companies continue to cherge exisiting customers their original monthly/quarterly fee.

Another big plus point for Pipex!

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