Quick PC World refund question

  Armchair 19:22 24 Dec 2007

Today I bought a PC game (Dark Messiah of Might and Magic) at PC World for £9.99. Then I found the same game in Toys r Us for £4.99, and bought it again. The staff in Toys assured me that I would be able to get a refund off them if PC World refused to refund me for whatver reason.

So, will PC World refund me or not?

I'm going to take both sealed copies of the game along with me, btw.

  Meshuga 19:31 24 Dec 2007

Simple answer to that, Ask them. Don`t be surprised if they don`t because they don`t have to unless they are advertising that they will match any lower price.

  Armchair 19:35 24 Dec 2007

Righto. Will say this, though, for what little it's worth, lol.

If they refuse to refund me, they won't get any more business off me.

  Pine Man 20:08 24 Dec 2007

Steady on - they could go bust ;-)

  wjrt 20:16 24 Dec 2007

if you go in with the game still sealed and the receipt then you should have no problem . if you want the price match then go through their method as follows
click here
but be reasonable and not adamant

  interzone55 20:22 24 Dec 2007

No retailer has to give a refund on something just because you don't want it anymore for whatever reason.

They don't even have to refund you if an item is faulty, they merely have to repair or replace the item.

I know from many years working in shops that arrogant or ignorant customers rarely get what they want, so threatening a company the size of DSGi with the removal of your custom will cut little ice.

On the other hand, if you take both games in with copies of your receipt and perhaps explain that you found a copy of the game cheaper elsewhere they may invoke their price promise & refund the difference, then you can take the surplus game back to Toys R Us, nowhere in the sale of goods act does it state that a retailer has to make your life easy...

  g0nvs 20:44 24 Dec 2007

You bought the game from PC World in good faith, because you got it cheaper elsewhere is no reason for a refund. If PC World refuse to take it back, I would not blame them, lie is tough sometimes.

  MCE2K5 21:32 24 Dec 2007

What I can't understand is, Why buy the Game Twice?

Surley once is enough.

  iscanut 21:49 24 Dec 2007

All these postings just for the sake of a fiver !!!!!

  Armchair 21:56 24 Dec 2007

Hmmm, doesn't sound too good..........

Alan, I'm not threatening anybody, merely stating my purpose of intent.

I'll be ultra calm and polite (as ever), and keep this thread up to date with the outcome.

  iscanut 21:56 24 Dec 2007

Can't wait !!!

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