Quick delivery

  terryf 09:36 23 Nov 2006

Most impressed with the carriers used by ebuyer, very prompt delivery service. Prices on site are competitive too.

  Stuartli 09:57 23 Nov 2006

The courier involved with the delivery of a modem router I ordered from e-Buyer a few weeks ago (it was ordered on the lowest cost delivery rate as speed was not of the essence) was Royal Mail.

The delivery date promised by e-Buyer was seven days following the online placement of the order - Royal Mail dropped it off on the morning of the exact date.

  bapiow 10:37 23 Nov 2006

Play.com take some beating, and cheaper than most.
Ordered a Printer Monday 11am, came Tuesday 10:25.
Free delivery by Royal Mail.

  The Brigadier 11:55 23 Nov 2006

Maplin.co.uk ordered at 6pm got the package at 9am the following morning via Royal Mail.

  spuds 12:10 23 Nov 2006

I usually find that City Link are/were my Ebuyer selected courier, perhaps in recent weeks they have changed courier services.Never had any problems with City Link,or come to that Royal Mail, always prompt and efficient.

Over the period of a week, we receive a number of courier deliveries via different companies. To be honest, the service as always been good, whoever as made the delivery. I tend to find that some people expect the nigh on impossible at times, and this as been highlighted within this forum. They order parts late afternoon, then expect the parts to be delivered first thing in the morning next day. If this doesn't happen, then all hell is let loose, about 'bad services, and do not buy'.

  Border View 13:53 23 Nov 2006

Amazon. Ordered 4pm delivered 8.30 a.m. next morning via Royal Mail Cant ask for more.

  GRFT 15:36 23 Nov 2006

Amazon every time! The only problem is Parcel Force, which is fine unless you have to arrange a redelivery, then it can all go horribly pear-shaped.
This is in contrast to Parceline.com; missed a delivery and after a call to their helpline the driver returned with the package 2 hours later. This would never happen with Parcel Force; two days if you're lucky.

  Stuartli 15:40 23 Nov 2006

>>missed a delivery and after a call to their helpline the driver returned with the package 2 hours later.>>

This happened to me with CityLink recently (Kirkby base) at about 11.30am. I contacted the Kirkby staff and the driver dropped the said parcel off on his way back to the depot about 3pm.

  GRFT 07:07 24 Nov 2006

It seems the trouble with Parcel Force is the lack of communications between the depots and the drivers when they're out on the road. So all undelivered items are returned to the depot at the end of the day.

  Stuartli 09:34 24 Nov 2006

>>lack of communications between the depots and the drivers >>

Not in my area at least. In fact, if I arrange for a collection via the online service, a ParcelForce driver has often been at my door within a few minutes checking if the parcel is ready.

If they are already in my area and a parcel is available to collect it saves them another journey.

  spuds 10:51 24 Nov 2006

That can be a problem with some courier companies, good on-line tracking systems, but lack of communications once the driver as left the depot. Can never understand that. Only the other month, we had a courier who rang the bell and departed before we had time to attend. Expecting a delivery from a certain courier firm, we contacted them straight away, requesting a possible return by the driver. Courier firm had subcontracted some of their workload out, and as such were unable to contact the self employed franchisee driver.Goods were returned to the depot, and re-delivered the next day by the regular driver (who knew the system!).

I have also found that Royal Mail have 'no contact' once the driver is on the road.

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