Question for deaf forum members

  Noels 15:03 02 Dec 2009

I'm not certain if this is the right Forum but are there any deaf members who have experience of a BAHA "Bone Anchored Hearing Aid" I have just been told I need one and will soon be fitted with one. Practical experience from Forum users would be welcome.

  ajm 18:15 02 Dec 2009

Hi Noel, being completely deaf in one ear and profoundly in the other, I am wearing a conventional hearling aid in one ear. Have been waering for quite a few years now (over 25. I must say, I had never heard of BAHA before until now and this should help you click here

I have also mastered lip-reading and on occassions "can hear only what I want to hear " especially if the missus want to go shopping or want me to run an errand or do a chore I'm no particulary fond of.

  ajm 18:16 02 Dec 2009
  Noels 19:19 02 Dec 2009

I'm just like you completely deaf in one ear and profoundly deaf inthe other and have worn a hearing aid since the mid 1980's. I have also attended my hearing aid clinic since then the 1980's.
In the last six months I attended again and saw a lady who said "I am going to refer you to a Consultant" I saw the Consultant who organised an MRI scan when they found that I had a benign growth in my ear and have had possibly had it for 20-25 yrs.Even if they removed it my hearing and balance would not be restored but a BAHA would help. If it had'nt been for this one with-it lady I would still be as I have been for the last many years.
I have to say that no appointment to see any NHS centre has been more than three weeks (this is in the West Midlands)good on them!click here
Please see the link above

  Noels 19:48 02 Dec 2009

Further to my last post. I'm 75 this month and still very active and inquisitive. The BAHA will via small operation and a titanium screw be fixed into my scull behind my dead ear. The bone of my scull will then carry the sounds it picks up from the BAHA to my good ear. Its not perfect but its better than what I have at the moment which is nothing and all on the NHS.
Why don't you make enquries?

  ajm 23:22 02 Dec 2009

Yes, I certainly will ask my GP for a referral to the ENT dept as it has been over 2 years since my last ear test.

Thanks once again and hope the operation goes well for you.

  spuds 12:03 03 Dec 2009

Cannot help you with a direct answer, but any television programs that I have seen on the subject, seems to state that this 'operation' was well worth it, especially for the people who have suffered serious hearing loss over many years. Seeing the work involved in 'planting' the device seems very straight forward and simple. So I wouldn't to be worried on that score.

I have hearing loss and suffer from tinnitus (to much noise in my youth!), and have recently been converted from analogue to digital, which I find very difficult to get use to. Good for the tv etc, but terrible on a windy day or noisy confined spaces. Had a number of adjustments, but like the people say "digital is not to everyones liking".

Good luck, and lets hope you are one of the 'well satisfied' after the op.

  Noels 13:00 03 Dec 2009

Many thanks for the comments from both of you.

  Audio~~Chip 13:06 03 Dec 2009

and got the following results for you. click here=


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