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  desired 21:28 12 Feb 2005

I'm doing some research into buying a new screen for my computer and was thinking about whether to get an lcd tv/monitor or a tft monitor.

A person at work told me that a tft monitor is the same as a lcd tv/monitor, except for the fact that with the lcd tv/monitor you can watch tv without needing the pc switching on (& having a tv card). Is this true? Also in the descriptions of tft monitors they sometimes mention the lcd screen. I'm really confused. I thought tft monitors and lcd tv/monitors were different.

Can someone please help me out and clarify this for me?

Many thanks in advance.


  Kansenji 21:47 12 Feb 2005

I think you friend is correct. An LCD/TV monitor is a normal monitor with additional television circuitry added (you need a TV licence to use it!). I recently bought a Sony Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor, & am very pleased with it. I wouldn't dream of willingly going back to a conventional CRT monitor.

Besides giving very vivid colours & having flat screens, LCD's are much slimmer (depth), use a lot less electricity and thus a lot less heat.

Happy buying!

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