Quad core CPU prices

  VNAM75 21:58 10 Jan 2009

Why have the middle range cpus not dropped in price, now the corei7 cpus are out? They've actually gone up in price. The one I'm after is the q6600 which was about £115 before christmas, now its £160. For £160 is the q6600 still the best one to get or should I consider AMD quads or more powerful intel ones?

  I am Spartacus 22:15 10 Jan 2009

Recession and the dollar exchange rate is probably the main reason for the increase. Due to the high prices of DDR3 RAM and X58 motherboards it's not an attractive proposition at the moment to go to i7 even though the 920 is reasonably priced so many people are still going for the older stuff.

If you're planning on overclocking then the Q6600 in my view is still the best one as with the right motherboard it should reach 3.3-3.6GHz, if not overclocking then probably the Q9550. Also consider the E8400/E8500 dual cores.

  VNAM75 22:37 10 Jan 2009

Of course, the value of the £ at the moment. I've put off ordering some CDs from abroad because after bank commission its £1=$1.44, probably worst now. Not helped by the tame rate cuts too.

  citadel 09:59 11 Jan 2009

imports from the far east, eg. cpu malaysia, are up due to the pound being down.

  tigertop2 12:24 11 Jan 2009

The exchange rate seems to be a real problem pricewise. Despite seasonal discounting I reckon many hardware prices are up by about 5 to 7 % as restocking takes place. I think this trend may continue for some time. The new AMD Phenom 2 CPU's are just priced a tad too high to make an impact on Intel but that may change as suppliers fight harder for market share. Hang on for a month or too until the next batch of AMD's come out and you may find Intel prices will drop.

  VNAM75 15:31 11 Jan 2009

Do AMD have anything to compete with top end intel's at the moment or near future, and do they still run at lower clock speeds relative to performance?

  citadel 16:03 11 Jan 2009

there is the new phenom 11 just out but it is quite expensive.

  tigertop2 16:26 11 Jan 2009

The new Phenom 2 is a big step forward but it still falls behind the Intel Corei7 overall performance. I have just built a Core i7 PC--and believe me it is a huge advance on anything I have built before. Maybe one of the AMD Black Editions will improve things but I doubt if Phenom2 will catch Intel. And it is not designed to do so. It is looking for its own niche. My next build will include it as I am a fan of AMD and it does look like fair value for what it is.

  VNAM75 16:55 11 Jan 2009

Looked at toms hardware, and an overclocked i7 extreme has more than double the performance of an q6600. The amd blacks are nowhere to be seen..

  tigertop2 20:57 11 Jan 2009

Guess you had better save very hard then but remember the Corei7 set up will need a new Motherboard and DDR3 RAM . Gigabyte will be bringing out some less expensive x58 boards for the new Intel CPU during mid Spring I believe-and RAM prices are variable from day to day. The big cost is the i7 CPU but it will begin to fall ,(Maybe!, by March provided the £ isn't hammered much more.

  smokingbeagle 05:35 14 Jan 2009

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