Purchasing new PC - question about noise

  pat333 13:30 02 Dec 2005


I'm in the process of selecting a new PC. The model I'm looking at atm is a Mesh X-treme SLI, built-to-order.

The PC will sit in my room and whilst I don't care about noise levels during the day, I plan to keep the PC on at night so am wondering about how loud it might be during that period.

It's not going to be doing any real processing during the night hours or anything, I just prefer to keep my home computer on for a variety reasons.

Having owned a laptop for most of my computing life, I know very little about the ins-and-outs of desktops. I understand a computer such as this is very unlikely to be 'quiet' under normal operation. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to help my cause however.. whether there is typically such a thing as a 'quiet' mode I can configure for periods of low activity, or any thing like that?

Any thoughts??

  stalion 13:41 02 Dec 2005

all I can hear on my desktop is the cooling fan running which is very quiet. I have never experienced a noisy pc and if I did would suspect something needing attention

  pat333 14:52 02 Dec 2005

I have an alienware laptop that sounds like it's about to take-off when running.. not really a problem when I'm using it, but if it's in the room when I'm trying to sleep I normally have to turn it off.

  ade.h 15:37 02 Dec 2005

Sounds like you'll need to click here and spend some money.

My builds always have Zalman HSFs, Accousti-fan Dustproof case-fans, Accousti-feet, Vantec fan and PSU mounts and, finally, some Accousti-mate case lining. I also use a quiet PSU and replace any graphics card fan with a large heatsink if it isn't already passively cooled.

This lot isn't cheap, especially when you throw in a silent or near-silent PSU, but peace and quiet is priceless.

  spuds 15:53 02 Dec 2005

Similar to stalion, virtually no noise from my system, if there was, then I would suspect an hard-drive or fan needs attention. Never happened yet though. The only thing that I do notice with my system and all the other add-ons, is the slight heat that is generated, if the system is left on for a good time, and that's not a real worry.

  citadel 21:22 02 Dec 2005

Most noise comes from the psu but you can get near silent ones.

  hzhzhz 22:17 02 Dec 2005

When my son in law lived with me, his pc which was upstairs on a wooden floor, created an annoying hum which could be heard downstairs. I cured it by putting rubber pads under the feet of the pc.

  ade.h 22:21 02 Dec 2005

Rubber is the bare essential minimum that you should use under a case. Silicone, however, is best, as it's softer. That's what Accousti-feet are made from.

  hzhzhz 00:10 03 Dec 2005


Got a link for silicone feet?.

  phoenix198 08:39 03 Dec 2005


AcoustiFeet - Vibration-absorbing Low Profile Feet - at QuietPC click here

  hzhzhz 09:20 03 Dec 2005



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