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  onokeck 11:53 16 Nov 2004

I initially put this in the Helproom Forum.My error was pointed out, so here goes again:

I am about ready to replace my 5 year old Evesham and have come to the conclusion that the best deal (for my needs) is the Mesh M550 PCI-X with Pentium 4, 1024Mb DDR memory, 250Gb HD, 19" TFT, and other 'bells & whistles'. I'm not too concerned about graphics as I do not and have no intention of playing games! I would dearly love to have remained with an Evesham, but cannot match the specs £ for £. The Mesh set up (inc an optional floppy)inc vat/delivery is £1056. Anyone who can comment on the Mesh or offer a reasonable alternative? Thanks for your replies. Casey

  TomJerry 12:54 16 Nov 2004

personally, I do not like PC from all big box shifters because they are TOO noisey. Some of them just like jet engine.

With that money, I would build very quiet one using special components.

This is only me of course, all my PCs are very quiet, even quieter than laptops.

  pj123 17:12 16 Nov 2004

Yes, I agree with TomJerry the big box shifters don't appear to give any aftercare.

Better to find a small company who will build to your specifications.

Have a go here, click here or here click here

These are just two but there are plenty more who will give you a good personal service.

  Chris..b 17:21 16 Nov 2004

Try dell ive had no problems and they are custom built...and cheap

  961 19:27 16 Nov 2004

Tell what you are going to use the computer for

If you are not going to play games I don't think you need to spend anything like £1000

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