Pulled thread!!!

  ened 06:28 08 Jul 2004

There was a thread yesterday, about a certain supplier, which has disappeared.
The top of this Forum says "Got a problem with a manufacturer? Did your PC vendor treat you wrong?".
Are we to take it that only applies to companies who don't advertise with PCA?

  €dstowe 06:35 08 Jul 2004

If a thread has been pulled the poster of that thread will receive an email explaining the reasons for the pull and, if appropriate, be given the opportunity to repost having removed whatever it was that caused the pulling.

If, though, it was a mindless rant (which some posts are) then that chance is not offered.

  ened 06:54 08 Jul 2004

Well, if I remember correctly ,there were already a couple of postings to it and mine merely stated a fact about peoples experiences with this particular organisation.
It was not my thread so I suppose that is why I have received no explanation.
It was negative but if it had been left surely it would have given satisfied customers the chance to counter.

  Pesala 06:57 08 Jul 2004
  Chronos 08:21 08 Jul 2004

I think i posted to the thread in question, then it had only two replies, so i suppose the answer is not to criticise any maker, and let each punter learn by his/her mistakes....

  Wreckless Deleter 08:45 08 Jul 2004

I was not even e-mailed to say that the thread had been removed. "mindless rant"..... Far from it!

  €dstowe 08:49 08 Jul 2004

I didn't see the thread in question but, I would think that it could well have been worded in an unacceptable way possibly libellous or just plain untrue.

If a statement is made that firm XYZ is "staffed by charlatons" or "just a load of idiots" or even "a load of crooks". This is fine is you are able to prove to a court of law to be true. Most likely you wouldn't be able to do that so, to protect the forum, the publishers and the thread originator from legal action from XYZ, PCA pulls the thread.

I am certain that the thread was pulled for a good reason and the writer informed of that reason. The details of that are private between the puller and the pulled.

If you think that the forum is protecting advertisers, look as the number of threads here criticising Mesh, Evesham, Carrera, Scan, E-buyer, dabs, etc, etc. - most of whom advertise in PCA magazine.

I would let it go if I were you. I'm sure there's no conspiracy involved.

  €dstowe 08:51 08 Jul 2004

Our replies were co-incident.

If you haven't received an explanation, contact the Forum Editor and ask for one or, he may want to explain here now that it has become an issure.

  Wreckless Deleter 09:01 08 Jul 2004

Have done so already just before I posted my 08:45 response. Quite along e-mail though that ends with apology for possible spelling, will take a time to digest.

Forum Editor,
If it was chopped before the p.s. about my spelling then let me know, and I will re type and send again.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:12 08 Jul 2004

I'm sure that you will all get over this...


  spuds 12:48 08 Jul 2004

Shouldn't worry about it. I think most of us have had a thread 'pulled'at sometime. What may seem an exceptable statement to someone,may not fair well in a court or to other forum users.

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