Publisher - spamming me? Reprise

  Brian-336451 14:50 03 May 2004

Since I was unable to reply on the forum because the FE closed the thread I'll just say this.

FE - I have now emailed you direct.

The point I was making is that 'before' I was not receiving unsolicited emails from the publisher.

'Now' I am (although it hasn't happened for over a week).

My subscription renewal was by telephone and there was no mention of whether I wanted emails and offers sent to me - I don't.

I was asking if others had been affected, and at least one other was in a poll of 4 before FE admonished me.

I do not accept the admonishment as I feel that it is a legitimate question.

Why, all of a sudden would I start to receive these? Unsolicited emails in my book are SPAM.

Sorry, but it's that simple.

  Forum Editor 15:29 03 May 2004

you accepted the terms and conditions of registration - one of which is that from time to time we may send you emails.

You have a perfect right to opt out of that process by asking (by email or letter) to be removed from our mailing list, and that is clearly stated in our terms and conditions. If you did write to us, and you are still receiving mail I apologise - I can't check because the offices are closed today.

If you didn't write to us you may receive mail. I haven't received your email because it's a bank holiday for me as well, and I don't fancy spending it in trawling through the 200 or so emails I will have received in the past day or so.

I admonished you before because of your adversorial approach - we aren't a bunch of crooks here, and we don't spam anyone. If you've asked to be excluded and we have ignored the request we're in the wrong, but it would be a simple human error - not some dark and secret plot to ruin your life, and I doubt that you have been lying awake worrying about it night after night. Calm down for goodness sake - we'll sort this out quite easily when the weekend's over.

Sorry, but it's that simple.

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