"psychological punic war" between the "Monitor M

  Kalitechnis 23:50 05 Feb 2009

Hi Gandalf, Stuartli, and Tullie, and all those suffering customers,

I just thought you might like an update on the "psychological punic war"
between the "Monitor Manufacturer" and the "Customer",
where now a deadly silence has descended.
Both have made their "Final Offer", and await the first to break cover.

Just hope they haven't thrown it in the bin!

The customer, being a slow learner, slowly realised that the,
the messages he heard each time he rang for Customer Services,
were recording the conversation for "training purposes".

He realised that he could play "Like" for "Like", and give them a taste
of their own medicine, even their own tactics, "escalations" and obfuscations.

In the end, he found the weak link in their armour,
and gained access to their secrets, gently to surprise
And then when the right moment arrived, declared,

"I would just like to inform you that "this is being recorded for "Training Purposes"".

And now there's no sign of anyone, and that deadly hush has descended.
As one side marshalls resources from "above" and the other perhaps seeks more clarity from "below".

The first to break cover I expect will have to be the customer, but still with a gentle reminder
that the Customer is their most important resourse, and to treat them with respect and care-fully.

The phone's been filtered out and emails are not replied to.
Just as I expected, they must have been shocked to have their
"Positions" revealed, Customer Services Manager, and Operations Manager too.

I had already figured the one, Butt the other one came as a surprise.

I've got it on the tape..recorded!

I hope all's well in your worlds,


  MCE2K5 00:37 06 Feb 2009

Pass, Next question please.

  MCE2K5 01:16 06 Feb 2009

click here

It's still Pass.

How many hours before this is the same as above.

  Kalitechnis 08:05 06 Feb 2009

to MCE2K5

You're welcome to pass (on by).

I'm not yet asking any questions, nor seeking any help just yet. Do you get the impression I am? How's that?

Now there's a couple of questions for you, but you can still pass (on by).

Actually, I'm most likely to reveal all this evening, as I'll be sending my final "proposal" to "the Company's" Customer Services to sort out our mutual problem, this morning.

They have got to stop using a totally unethical strategy of dealing with a (maybe) "difficult" customer. They also need to identify their positions in the heirarchy be more flexible and open in their approach.

Mangement in this country can be so petty and rigid, and frankly , where customers are concerned, there should always be one mantra, as of old, "the customer's always right" .

Of course he/she's not necessarily so, but he should be made to feel he/she is. And a way round the problem be solved, by going higher up if the salesman/woman cannot deal with it, as any problem can be solved unless the customer has been totally unreasonable.

And I can assure you in my case I have bent over backwards to be reasonable, and try to help them help me.

  laurie53 10:55 06 Feb 2009

I'd be grateful if you could try and give some reasonable idea idea of the subject in your thread titles.
I, like at least one other, lost interest in your ramblings some time ago, and had no wish to repeat the experience.

MCE2K5 - very unkind of you to just post the link without letting us know where it led! lol

  Kalitechnis 13:18 06 Feb 2009

Hi Laurie53,

Pleased to "meet" you.

I do apologise, I'm not accustomed yet to posting in forums..I usually just look for answers to my problems. I'll make sure to do so in future.
Mind you I was really specifically addressing
Gandalf, Stuartli, and Tullie, who had taken an interest in my earlier posting. I thought that Gandalf especially might be interested.

I've just sent my "latest proposal" to my Monitor Manufacturer to resolve what has been a bruising, and in fact abusing (by them, not me), last couple of weeks.

I am still holding off revealing their name, as I wish to remain a good (and Happy) customer of theirs. They make great products.

Btw, no-one's forcing anyone to read my "ramblings", are they, I surely am not.

Have a great day!


  wee eddie 14:49 06 Feb 2009

Kalitechnis has failed to tell us what the problem is, what the Company he is dealing with and up to now, has only said that he cannot handle their Call System.

methinks he's a Troll.

  Forum Editor 16:18 06 Feb 2009

Either use the forum for the purpose it was intended for, and post a detailed complaint, complete with full details of the company involved and all the circumstances, so that we can help you...

or deal with the matter yourself, and stop posting different threads full of nothing but a stream of consciousness. We're not here to provide you with a platform on which you can talk in riddles - it's extremely irritating, and quite pointless. I've told you before that this is the kind of problem we deal with routinely, many times, so please stop all this mystery stuff once and for all.

  caccy 16:29 06 Feb 2009

Possibly the instigator is an MP.
Since this subject is an example of "digital diarrhoea".

  IClaudio 09:47 07 Feb 2009

I have NO idea what it's all about.

  Kalitechnis 10:30 07 Feb 2009

As long as you're loving it...

For me it has been a great learning curve, as such an experience has never happened to me before.

It has made me both stronger and given me a great insight into the obfuscationary tactics of too many UK companies "Customer Service".

You can actually see on their websites, how closed their companies are. Good "open" companies will often put photos of the CEO, and all Management personnel on their websites.

You don't find that vey much here in the UK, and definitely not with my (MAJOR) Monitor Manufacturer's UK company.

I must go out now, will be back later in the PM.

Ave! Claudius,


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