Psu failures and component damage.

  letni 00:09 15 Jul 2003

Over the past few months I've had a few machines to repair where it seems the psu has blown and in doing so has fried various components such as hard drives. I think some new motherboards have onboard surge protection but can anybody suggest some form of protection for hard drives, cd players etc, maybe some sort of in-line fuse.

And a belated thankyou to Goonerbill for replying to my query a couple of months ago, I'd forgotton I'd posted it so obviously hadn't checked for an answer - sorry, didn't mean to be rude.

  BarryKeith 20:22 17 Jul 2003

The only possible method of protection that I can think of is a zener or "avalanche" diode rated at around 13v for the 12v supply. One of these would do nothing unless the voltage rises above 13v, when it would instantly become a short circuit protecting the drives from the over voltage and causing the fuse to blow.
Because of the nature of PSU's, they are quite likely to either go open circuit with no output voltage, or short circuit with the full voltage before regulation (Around 20v) being passed to the drives.
This is the simplest method I can think of and it does'nt require an electronics wizard toset up, just someone who has an interest in electronics.

  H-J 22:53 17 Jul 2003

Perhaps there would be a market for an in line surge supressor that could be fitted to a hdd/cd? make them one shot disposible (like fuses) and you might be able to clean up. while you are at it, how about a similar device for the power supply to the main board? I wouldnt be too bothered with one for a floppy drive though


  letni 00:17 18 Jul 2003

Thanks to the both of you for replying;

BarryKeith, I looked up zener/avalanche diodes -
click here but didn't understand much (any!) of what was being discussed, I'll have to make friends with an electronics engineer.

H-J, I'm on my way to the Patent Office as you type!

I don't recollect this problem with the older AT power supplies, maybe just coincidence.

I don't suppose either one of you is a venture capitalist by any chance?

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