PSU dead after 4 months.Company says 30 day deadline

  ciaranz 20:36 15 Jul 2012

I bought a Case and PSU from through Ebay on 25/02/12.The PSU packed up 2 days ago.The company says it is still under warranty unless I bought it on Ebay in which case I had only 30 days.Surely this PSU was 'not fit for purpose'.You expect it to last longer than 4 months.I paid for it through Paypal. Shouldn't the company replace this faulty item? Am I left out in the cold because I bought through Ebay. Can they simply dismiss the fact that it died after such a short time?

Regards Ciaran Mulholland

  wee eddie 21:26 15 Jul 2012

If new and bought from a UK Based Company, you should be covered for a minimum of 1 year. The Company, that you bought from, is the one you should deal with.

If second hand or purchased from outside the UK, I think that you are onto a looser. Although you have some Rights, the cost of enforcing them may exceed the cost of you buying a replacement.

These are opinions, others may be able to quote the facts to you.

  Forum Editor 08:12 16 Jul 2012

"Can they simply dismiss the fact that it died after such a short time?"

No,they can't. Regardless of any terms and conditions which may be placed on a transaction by a supplier, consumer law is overriding. You are entitled to expect a replacement if a product develops a fault within six months of the date of purchase, unless the supplier can prove that the fault wasn't inherent at the time. In practice this is virtually impossible - tell the supplier that you are entitled to a replacement.

If the supplier is based in the EU you will be covered, but if that's not the case you'll run into difficulties, as UK/EU laws will not apply.

  jaraba 11:22 16 Jul 2012

Looked them up and they are based in stoke

Instead of 0870 number look here

  jaraba 11:26 16 Jul 2012

Computer Technology Stoke Limited

01782 273333 (got from saynoto870

  spuds 23:56 16 Jul 2012

I think that you might need to check on the eBay advert that you made the purchase from, because some items sold through eBay are advertised as 'used' and/or 'refurbished''returns' with limited warranty conditions specified, at the time of purchase.

If the item was brand new and unused, then that's a different matter.

Should there be a problem with the retailer/seller, then contact eBay/PayPal, for advice, and possibly regarding their customer protection scheme.

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