computerboy 19:07 23 Mar 2007

Lets Start PS3 talk

  SANTOS7 19:19 23 Mar 2007

and the only thing you are going to do is moan about the price, THE END.

  pj123 19:39 23 Mar 2007

Too late.

click here

  jimmybond 19:49 23 Mar 2007

"and the only thing you are going to do is moan about the price, THE END"

Interesting - all the guy has done is start a thread about the PS3 - no mention about price.
Already you're having a go at 'moaners' before anyone has even had chance to say anything - doesn't that make you an even bigger moan?

  zincy 20:06 23 Mar 2007

pretty good deal at virgin megastore....if you was the first 100 customers....

click here

  computerboy 21:42 23 Mar 2007

i am not a guy, i have a username

  jimmybond 23:54 23 Mar 2007

"i am not a guy, i have a username"

god almighty. well sorreee for taking your side. that must have been terribly offensive.

I guess santos had it spot on. you'd only moan about the price like an old git. THE END.

  jimmybond 00:01 24 Mar 2007

....oh yes, and while we're on the subject - I'm guessing your name isn't actually 'computerboy' is it? Unless you have VERY strange parents. So what should I call you, to avoid further distress? ;-)

By the way, my name isn't Jimmybond either. that's just my nickname. It's actually James.
James Bond. or 007 to my friends.

  grw 21:19 24 Mar 2007

I saw one working today in HMV. Pretty good graphics but as expected, limited initial software choice . I think I will wait to see who wind the disc play back format before proceeding.

  Radix Lecti 10:15 25 Mar 2007

I completely understand the decision is yours, but I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't take the Lord's name in vain, at least on the forum.

Thanks so much.

  jimmybond 12:55 25 Mar 2007

no worries Radix - I'm off to confessional this morning and have added to my list of sins, along with referring to computerboy as a 'guy' longer is he bullied schoolboy 'Albert Q Cheesegrinder' of lower 2b, when he steps into the phone box and emerges - he is, da daaaa - COMPUTERBOY - able to write javascript at 300mph and overclock to Mach 2.

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