Protective cover for laptop outer case and screen?

  theDarkness 20:20 24 Jun 2008

I bought a laptop which came with a very thin protective plastic which covered the screen to protect it, and also there was a similar sheet for the front of the outer case. It peeled off within a couple of months so i am wondering if i can buy something like it again? Without it, the laptop (outside case especially) is likely to scratch very easily as it was pretty cheap. Thanks for any info :)

  Kemistri 22:09 24 Jun 2008

It's not surprising that it peeled off, though it is surprising that it lasted as long as two months: based on your description, that is the kind of film that is often applied to products (particularly over glossy surfaces) during or after manufacture. As often found on printers and music players. It isn't supposed to be left in place!

If the outer surface gets marked, look after it more carefully and/or buy a more durable notebook. None of mine have any noticeable marks and one of them is two and a half years old.

If you're really worried about the screen, apply a proper screen protector, cut to size, which you can get from various suppliers around the web.

  theDarkness 00:19 25 Jun 2008

The thin plastic layer that peeled off was only on the front of the laptop (MSI), the bottom half of it was coming off so I finished the job! It wasnt on any other part of the laptop, although didnt entirely cover the entire front. Without it, the laptop has a very smooth surface which will scratch quite easily- so my own fault really. With it on, it gave a marble effect, which i guess was its whole point, giving the suggestion of high quality, rather than to genuinely protect anything. The screen protectors you mention, i can probably use that for the outside as they are no doubt identical to what peeled off, so will hunt around. Thanks

  tullie 16:43 25 Jun 2008

As Kemistri says,its a protective cover put on by manufacturer to protect the laptop,and should be removed before use,its a common practise.

  Kemistri 16:51 25 Jun 2008

The screen protectors are definitely not identical to what you originally peeled off, or at least should not be. If they were, they would not really be up the task and would not be quite clear enough to work well on screens. Proper protectors maintain pretty good optical quality and are quite hard wearing. Often, but not always, rigid or semi-rigid.

Like I said, it is common to find a thin film (some kind of polythene-type material, I believe) on shiny and/or smooth glossy plastic surfaces. You often get them on metal-effect plastics as well.

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