Protect PC from marauding nephews

  Kate B 23:05 13 May 2005

My old PC is going to be given to my sister-in-law to make way for the nutter machine which I hope will arrive next week.

Can anyone recommend some preferably free software that will keep the maurauding young teen nephews from downloading rubbish/altering settings/viewing mucky sites etc?

  TomJerry 23:14 13 May 2005


  josie mayhem 23:57 13 May 2005

Having teenagers myself, I found the most effective method, is to remove the fuse out of the plug....

I've never used any netnanny type software only trust. At times there computer has been out of action for several weeks because funny enough I haven't had time to sort out there problems, eeh ehh...

I've only had one infringment concerning the 'naughty sites' a ban and repayment of cost encured seemed to have to stemed that, but what must be remembered that if you have a healthy fully blooded teenage male, well... (when I went to school, the lads used to swop there mags durning chemistry lessons)

So my suggestion is to see how it goes, keep an eye on there activities ( my childrens computer is within feet of mine in my office) and talk to them, and if they can't use it within the constants that have been set, then take it away. I found this much better than relying on software that may not stop everything or even in my ex-husbands case cause so many blue screens of death he gave up... or that in the end they will work out how to get around it..

  Border Collie 00:09 14 May 2005

click here and see what Bill Marshall has to say on the subject.

  DieSse 00:17 14 May 2005

altering settings

System Mechanic click here will enable you to hide many of the settings, so that they can't easily get at them - and you can password protect access to the tools used to make the changes.

If there's any times when you don't want them to have access, lock the keyboard away, or password protect the machine via the BIOS - they won't be able to boot it up then.

  Kate B 15:14 14 May 2005

We're liking the look of Net Nanny (though the nephews won't like it) - anyone got any further suggestions?

  Belatucadrus 16:10 14 May 2005

click here iProtectYou.

click here We-blocker

click here SystemSecurity 2000

click here Naomi

click here Parental Filter

  Kate B 17:33 14 May 2005

Belatucadrus, thanks very much for those links - we'll have a good look at them.

  Aspman 14:49 16 May 2005

Could you ghost the machine?

That could save a lot of time in the future.

  Kate B 16:39 16 May 2005

We'd rather it didn't get into a state where it has to be rescued in the first place ... and their mother doesn't want them downloading porn and rubbish and malware so the idea is to lock it down.

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