projector lamp life

  jack 10:35 20 Dec 2007

This I suppose as a discussion topic for 'Speaker Corner' as there no issue - as yet.
A group that I am a member of has acquired some kit with the aid of a grant.
One of the items is an Epson media projector.
I fell to me to give a demo to interested group leaders together with its companion laptop.

The discussion then arose around lamp life and replacement costs - pricey it seems.
But then one of the group reading the spec.announced
'This does not stack up'
He quoted - the device came with a 3 year warranty. and 90 days for the lamp.
Also in the spec it gave anticipated lamp life depending on the the mode of use 2 to 3000 hours.
What he was getting at- if the machine was in constant use for 24 hours a day- there would still be 'Warranty' time left for the lamp hours of use guarantee after the 90 day cover is up.
So- what would happen if .............

  wiz-king 18:01 20 Dec 2007

"anticipated lamp life depending on the the mode of use 2 to 3000 hours." I would be a litte miffed at 2 hours!

  jack 20:03 20 Dec 2007

lol. Whiz so would I
you should have interpreted that as 2000/3000 hrs
of course.
Taking that calculation a bit further, I reasoned that if the device got 4 x2 hours shows a month, that would be pretty good going.
So that would work out at lets say 100 a year.
Assuming the lamp life projection is best scenario and we only get 2000, that could be approx 20 years life- well at those projection the lamp life does not come into the picture
or does it?

  interzone55 20:59 20 Dec 2007

You will need to take some care of the lamp in order to get maximum life.

Don't do a lot of switching on & off - ie once it's on, leave it on for the duration of the movie / presentation.

When you switch the lamp off, leave the power on for a while to let the fan cool the lamp, and don't move it for a while - the lamps are hotter than a very hot thing when powered up, so the projector needs careful handling so as not to jolt the lamp when it's hot.

  interzone55 21:00 20 Dec 2007

from experience with a Sony projector, you'll get a warning "on screen" when the lamp is reaching the end of it's life

  SB23 21:12 20 Dec 2007

I think that its something that you may need to check.
Where was it purchased from? The reason I ask is that years ago when I used to work for a well known electrical outlet the big projection screen tv's that we used to sell obviously work in a similar way, and I know that although they did come with a guarantee, and that we used to offer the extension, the main bulb was excluded from that.

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