Processor Upgrade

  Doragan 14:10 03 Feb 2007

I have been recently thinking of upgrading my fairly dated pentium 4 processor with something a bit better. I have been looking at the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, but I was wondering what other people thought of this. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:37 03 Feb 2007

but unless your motherboard is a has a 775 socket you will need to replace that as well. Post your system spec so we can have a look.

  Doragan 18:41 03 Feb 2007

My motherboard does have that socket, although I dont know which motherboard I have.
I have 1.5Gb Ram
Intel Pentium 4 3GHz Processor
ATI A9600 Graphics Card
150Gb Hard Disk

  bluto1 19:08 03 Feb 2007

Run Belarc Advisor click here it`ll tell you what mobo you`ve got.

  ed-0 19:08 03 Feb 2007

The E6600 is very good click here

Try everest home for free click here to see if it will recognise your motherboard.

  Doragan 19:23 03 Feb 2007

My mobo is SiS-661 apparently
Thanks for all the help so far

  Totally-braindead 19:47 03 Feb 2007

SIS-661 is the chipset, you need the motherboard name. It will something like ASUS A8N-SLI or Gigabyte GA7VAXP.
If Belarc and Everest don't tell you try SIW click here

You must find out what your motherboard is so you can see if it can take a faster processor.

  Doragan 20:39 03 Feb 2007

Field Value
Motherboard Name ECS 661FX-M7

I dont know if that is any help

  ed-0 21:17 03 Feb 2007

These are the processors that your motherboard can support click here

If Totally-braindead could also check, but I think it means that you can not run an E6600 for your motherboard.

Lets see if TB can confirm this.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:18 03 Feb 2007

The manual, click here to download it, only states support for Pentium 4.

  Doragan 07:54 04 Feb 2007

Thanks, I did think that my motherboard would be a bit old. Its even older than I thought.
Looks like ill need a new one of those too!

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