Processor advice please

  TRFC1 11:32 20 Mar 2008

Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a 17" laptop with 2Gb memory and at least 120 hard drive. Looking for something around the £500 mark. But as a 'not very techy' person I'm getting a bit bamboozled by the different processors on offer. Can someone explain which one to go for between Intel 2 duo, Intel dual core and AMD x64. I'll basically be using the laptop to surf web, store pics and music and maybe play the odd game such as Football manager. Realisticall will I really see much difference in performance between those 3 processors? Thanks for your help guys

  MAJ 11:44 20 Mar 2008

Probably about the best you can get in that price range will be the Intel Core 2 Duo, TRFC1. I don't plays games on my PC or laptop so I can't advise you on that point.

  GaT7 15:44 20 Mar 2008

You won't find much real-world difference in the CPUs for your intended purposes, but C2Ds are the best you can go for.

Couple to consider...

For both, change warranty to 1-Yr Basic to get it for the price mentioned.

I've selected the 8600M GT graphics card as you play Football Manager (similar less-graphically intensive games should be OK as well). The 8400 GS may be sufficicent for FM, but the 8600M GT is a lot better.

If you prefer WinXP, remember to select it instead for no additional cost - it'll provide a faster, more responsive system over Vista.

1. Dell Vostro 1700 click here, configured with the 256MB nVidia® GeForce® 8600M GT = £469

2. Dell Vostro 1700 click here, configured with the 256MB nVidia® GeForce® 8600M GT = £516 [this has a better CPU & double the hard disk space]

Going through Quidco/Dell click here will give £20-22 cashback. For Quidco, you need to be registered, logged-in & cookies enabled in your browser. G

P.S. If anyone finds similarly-specced 17" laptops for better value I'd like to know.

  FatboySlim71 23:11 20 Mar 2008

I got the Intel Quad Core Q6600 processor in a new PC I got built and its superb, its very fast and makes light work of anything I throw at it, I can be encloding video and running a virus scan with no slow down.

I have to admit that my new PC which is installed with Vista Ultimate is a hell of a lot faster than my XP Pro machine, on the whole I am pleased I chose Vista over XP.

  Acx 02:13 21 Mar 2008

High graphic games Crysis, Gears of War, etc are not best played on laptops.

However, Football Manager etc - should be fine on a laptop at the moment, but I don't believe that laptops keep up with games well, in two years time it may not play much (Game Wise).

  TRFC1 07:42 25 Mar 2008

Thanks very much for all those replies! Interesting to hear the Dell recommendation - would you personally go for that over a make like Acer or Advent for example? As for the games, I do most of my gaming on xbox 360 - so the future capability isn't that important to me. Cheers again

  TRFC1 09:16 25 Mar 2008

I've seen another deal on Dell which includes 250Gb hard drive, which is plenty enough for me. But to upgrade from integrated intel graphics card to nvidia 8600 is an extra £50. Is it worth it? Will I really notice the difference if only playing games like FM? Last question, I promise ;-)

  GaT7 12:23 25 Mar 2008

I'd say it's worth getting the 8600 as it's very hard (if not impossible for the average joe like you & me!) to upgrade a graphics card on a laptop. It'll give some headway in other games as well.

"I've seen another deal on Dell which includes 250Gb hard drive" - my 2nd suggestion had a 250Gb too.

I'd go for XP Pro personally, as it'll be quicker for the spec - see click here too. When you get a quad-core with 4Gb RAM, go for Vista.

FatboySlim71, you cannot really compare a desktop & laptop, can you? For example....I've got a desktop: single-core 32-bit Athlon XP 2800+ with 1.5Gb RAM & WinXP Pro. My neighbour has a laptop: dual-core 7250 + 3Gb + Vista Premium. Mine is quite a bit quicker than his, plus his is brand new & mine is 3 years old. G

  GaT7 12:24 25 Mar 2008

Ask as many questions as you like :-), G

  FatboySlim71 23:22 25 Mar 2008


"FatboySlim71, you cannot really compare a desktop & laptop, can you?"

Possibly not, I normally find a Laptop to be slower overall than a desktop PC.

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