Problems with Vendors and punters

  jack 09:03 23 Jan 2007

Be it a hardware retailer store or E-tailer.
Be it an ISP in general or their support facility
The innumerable whinges and complaints about poor response and service - the more so at the manic spending month of yule tide,all have a common cause.
This simply 'Popularity' or to put it anther way over hyped advertising and the avaricious public who believe the hype and want to get on the band wagon.
As Charles Dunstone said of his TalkTalk enterprise 'We were over whelmed with the response.
The problems are then self propagating as the firm struggles to cope and installs more support staff and fails because of overloaded supernumeraries, or the firm stalls because they do not put in the support.
The old adage of the early days of computing of rule of KISS* is ignored at the vendor and consumers peril.

*Keep It Simple Stupid

  Stuartli 09:40 23 Jan 2007

Well that's got that off your chest...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:32 23 Jan 2007

your point is?


  jack 10:36 23 Jan 2007

Well that's got that off your chest..

;-) Well I does go on an on a bit don't you think?
It is not particularly that I do not have sympathy with the the folk who have a problem- but standing back I guess one can see more clearly.

As it happens I do have an on going problem- not computer related but with an item of furniture.
I wont go into the detail- but it seems the furniture industry as a whole have this stitched up.
I made my complaint to the vendor- who in turn did not contact the distributor/manufacturer but a specialist firm of arbitrators/repairers who act for the retailer.
They do not deal with the customer at all.
They come they look and they make their pronouncement - repair or replace or customer pays because......- and what they say goes.
Something perhaps the consumer electronic industry could emulate- if they do not do so already that is.

  Stuartli 10:40 23 Jan 2007

>>but a specialist firm of arbitrators/repairers who act for the retailer.>>

Hardly seems a balanced or independent approach.

  jack 10:46 23 Jan 2007

>but a specialist firm of arbitrators/repairers who act for the retailer.>>
Perhaps I did not make it clear or even fully comprehend the implication my self.
Any way what happens is this,
Take the complaint to the retailer- they in turn contact said firm, they come to inspect the problem and report back...........
take a look at click here
They are in fact coming today to take a look and report.

  Stuartli 11:01 23 Jan 2007

Let's hope you don't have to meet the cost...:-)

  namtas 11:40 23 Jan 2007

jack, I am picking up bits here, with some difficulty.

I take it that you have furniture that is damaged and you have reported it.

You have certain rights on what to accept. I would suggest you need advice as it may be in your advantage. You may not have to accept a repair, a lot depends on the circumstances.

Having said all that you may not want advice but just needed rant

  jack 12:01 23 Jan 2007

'Problems with Vendors and punters'
Advice I don't need; this whole string is simply comment on vendors and punters- see my initial post.
As regards the furniture thing - The man has just been and looked commented -'That cant be repaired', made out his report and taken away a set of photos I had prepared now we wait.

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